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YaST Workshop in Nuremberg, June 30 through July 4

June 25th, 2008 by

Now that openSUSE 11.0 is out the door, the YaST team is looking to get together and improve YaST even more.

Next week the YaST team will be meeting in Nuremberg, Monday through Friday, to hack on YaST and work on some of the projects on the YaST Research page.

The improvements in YaST for 11.0 have been amazing, but there’s always room for improvement and innovation. Some of the ideas on the table now include:

  • Porting YaST to other distros.
  • Integration with PolicyKit.
  • A Web interface for YaST.
  • Make YaST more IPv6 compatible.
  • Improve YaST documentation.

And there’s a lot more where that came from. If you’d like to get involved with the Hackshop, but don’t happen to be in Nuremberg, there’s a few ways you can participate. If you’re interested in taking part in the workshop remotely, please join in on #yast on Freenode and follow the discussion on yast-devel. We have limited space at the meeting facilities, but may be able to accommodate a few interested developers who would like to help improve YaST.

We’ll have a full report after the Hackfest, and would welcome suggestions and discussion on the yast-devel mailing list.

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11 Responses to “YaST Workshop in Nuremberg, June 30 through July 4”

  1. Anonymous

    why don’t you integrate Yast with kde control center?why don’t you ommit the duplicated system managements in common in between yast and kde control center?.

    • Anonymous

      I think this is a great idea, having duplicate controls is unnecessary.

    • Stano

      There is some overlap, I agree. The amount of functionality in YaST does not really match the KDE components in most areas. But YaST also focuses to have the same functionality for both KDE and GNOME plus the console.

      Integration with KDE control center in KDE3 was dropped due to issues with X window embedding.

  2. A YaST web interface? That would be amazing. I’m currently setting up a home server based on openSUSE 11.0 and a web interface for administration is exactly what I’m looking for – that would be the next openSUSE killer feature IMHO. I can hardly wait to see some progress here. Awesome stuff!

  3. Anonymous

    I would hate to see Yast get ported over to other distros, sorry, but its what makes openSUSE unique.

    • anon

      I agree, do not port YaSt to other distro’s. This is something that makes OpenSUSE what it is. Porting it to other distro’s, let them design their own. Focus on making OpenSUSE better, not helping other distro’s

    • I agree, Yast makes SUSE unique. Better improve its usability instead of its portability.

  4. Andrew

    A Web interface would be great, integration of policykit is another feature that will make things better. Control over desktop effects should be integrated. Updates to server tools such as DNS,DHCP,FTP needs to be visited, the configuration is great but management/viewing is lacking. No need for simple mode in Services just have the export mode. Integration of KWallet and the possibility to store yast/root password would be nice.

  5. Omaha

    With earlier KDE a integration of Yast would have been nice, but with OpenSuse 11 / KDE 4.1 combination it’s my opinion that it should be kept split. The separation makes sense to me. Just about anything that requires admin rights should be in Yast. Hopefully Yast will benefit from the excellent GUI of KDE 4.1 in OpenSuse 11.1.

    As regards other distros I would anticipate some heavy resistance from hardcore terminalusers if Yast should become defacto standard. Not that it is justified though. Yast is a good reason for choosing OpenSuse, but many hold it as a good reason not to use OpenSuse as well.

    In terms of web interface I’m not a big fan because more often than not it tends to become oversimplistic. Then there is a need to compensate – it gets modified thus messy. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of advantages. But only if the design is handled really really well.

  6. pomru

    How about make YAST work better in the SAMBA department? When I connect to a windows network, I have to set the SAMBA workgroup in the Gnome Configuration utility. I’ve tried using the YAST applet, and it does nothing. In fact, it undoes anything I did in the Gnome Config.