Bugzilla: Changed Definitions

22. Jul 2008 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

We are standardizing now on the definitions given at //en.opensuse.org/Bugs/Definitions. The severity definitions are now the same as in most other open source projects, so that we speak the same language and reduce confusion.

The major changes we are doing are basically:

  • Severity Blocker means “Blocks development and/or testing work”

  • Severity Critical means “Crash, loss of data, corruption of data, severe memory leak”

  • We would like to ask you to fill in the “Found by” field correctly, this will be “Beta-Customer” for openSUSE community members before a release and “Customer” if you file a bug after the release.

  • Novell will use internally both severity and priority for handling bug reports.

We would like you to use the changed severity definitions for every new bugreport that you are filing and also set the “Found by” field.  We hope that these changes reduce some confusion and help us at Novell to better prioritize and fix bug reports.

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