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Power Outage: Nearly All Systems are Running Again

October 11th, 2008 by

Our admins and developers – in Nuernberg, Provo and from home offices – worked hard today to get all openSUSE services up and running again.  Thanks a lot to all of them!

Nearly all services are be up and running again.  The only exceptions are the services features and ideas, these will be restarted latest by Monday.

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15 Responses to “Power Outage: Nearly All Systems are Running Again”

  1. Thanks!

  2. Thanks guys

  3. Ryan

    Great job guys!

    Must have been a bad one to be out all day, wow!

  4. Bob I

    Yeah it must have been really big & bad Thank You so much for all of the effort. This is why I love Opensuse!

  5. Hatti

    Great Job. Thanx! joy your deserved ‘Feierabendbier’ or whatever.

  6. Hatti

    Should have been ‘ENjoy …’

  7. Jesse

    Thanks for the hard work. We appreciate your service to this incredible community.

  8. SLK021

    Thanks :)

  9. Excelent! It’s makes me love openSuSE! This is a serious company!

  10. Edward


    your service is exceptional and when I consider that you are supporting an Open Source product, offered free of charge, then I know what it is that I appreciate about the Open Source movement.

    Keep up the good work SuSE and may you go from strength to strength.

  11. peteleinnen


  12. Great job, thanks from Russia

  13. scott

    Thank you – for your hard work and trying to do the impossible in a very short time. I really understand what you go through to put resources back online. I will just summarise what you all went through!
    Crawling round in a office, often without air-conditioning running, trying to recover servers, fixing any hardware errors or damage, with a screwdriver in one hard, new hardware part in the other to replace any that were fried, finding any backup tapes, hungry, hot and tired; working against a malevolent clock all night and fronting up for work as usual only to find the rest of the world slept well as you toiled, ambivalent to how much we all rely on data systems.

  14. fantasmagorila




  15. I’m going to stick to the mirrors — they are faster, and more reliable. Keep up the good work, Novell and OpenSUSE team!