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Status Update for openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4

October 31st, 2008 by

After work on the remaining show-stopper bugs we found this week, we have solved the blocker bugs, but were unable to generate all the necessary media and have it propagated to the mirrors in time for a Friday release per our release policy.

We are confident that we will be able to release on Monday, however, so please check back Monday for the release announcement. Or subscribe to the openSUSE announce mailing list (opensuse-announce+subscribe@opensuse.org) to receive the announcement as soon as the release is ready.

Thanks again for your patience. We look forward to this beta and moving closer to 11.1! But as the mcp-microsoft specialist itself read this application essay is evolving at a higher pace, so even after the mb2-701 microsoft dynamics crm 2013 exam certification, the it students has to update himself with the progression of new technology

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21 Responses to “Status Update for openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4”

  1. isegrim

    quality is more important than a deadline. thank you for your for your work.

    • OO user whit 1440x900 resolution

      Othervise nice beta release but Openoffice could not be startet due to Fatal Error – I just don’t know what causes it but Fatal it is…

  2. Make it the best linux-distro ever take all the time for it so it works as the best.
    Thanks for the good work.

  3. Matt Smrdelj

    Plaudits for releasing another work of amazing software craftsmanship!

  4. itchy8me

    dito! thanks!

  5. Zoli

    I just see it this way: do whatever it’s necessary to get it done right. Don’t worry about all the whiners. It’s better to get out something a little later, than rushing it and being all superficial.

  6. IsSecondBestEnough

    There has been a comparizon/test in local magazine of energy consumption of linux, winXP, vista and os-x on same computer (os x installed as osx86) and … winxp won the race, linux and os x were in the midway and … as we allready know … vista needs most electricity.

    So, aguess as linux being more energy hungry than winxp, should we try to do something about that – and for the sake or this planet too.

    Of cource that’s not an easy thing to make better, especially with nice gui amusements that takes more out of video card and so on, but still …

    • Andrei

      Linux in itself has less lines of code then windows and it is highly efficient when it comes to resources. Why do you think there are no viruses that affect linux? Windows doesn’t have a clue when it comes to efficiency or resource management. The problem here is the hardware manufacturers who don’t write good linx/mac drivers if any at all so ppl do reverse engineering to try and write a driver for some obscure brand. At least for mac there are more drivers out there. This is not a novell related issue. Want to do something about our planet? Stop ppl making so many useless children and t-bag bill and his monopoly :) and don’t buy hardware which is not properly supported by linux. The laptop from which i am typing is 40% more efficient on linux. In fact i am counting now on linux for longer battery life as i am on the toilet letting the soldiers out on permission. I hope you won’t mind my genuinely honest heart-felt reply.

  7. Xtigyro

    We are patient. Push hard and release, when you are able to.

    P.S. We saw months ago with “bleeding-cutting-mastering-edge” Fedora 9…


  8. RedChaos

    Take all your time as long as 11.1 turns out to be a usable distro! Thanks for the work!

  9. Imani

    I can even wait for it next year,
    it better one has an excellent product than have a messed up product.
    i mean what is better meeting deadlines or dishing out the best…

  10. Dich

    Fully with you – better polish the sharp edges before unleashing it into the public :)

  11. Ilya

    the main reason i have always been usin’ openSuSE – it’s (suse’s) quality.keep it real, brothers. keep it real)

  12. You know…I like the 4 betas idea. I prefer a release that has a lot fewer bugs/crashes/segfaults. OTOH, I do like seeing new features in things like amarok, digi-kam, OOo, and many others. BUt that is why I use opensuse build service.

    Great work, openeuse and Novell!

  13. Robert Belcher

    I just gave the new kubuntu a try for my new Lenovo S10 Atom powered netbook. I’m gonna wait for your 11.1 version. I’ve been using suse for so long that it has been ingrained in me. I just cant do without my YAST! I’m hoping OpenSuse is keeping an eye towards these netbooks and being compatible with them because I believe they are gonna be HUGEly popular. Keep up the fantastic work guys! take your time to get it right.

  14. Jack Leunissen

    I have been with SuSE all since version 5, and have been running it on all of my PCs at home, as well as on the servers and cluster in my department. But after having tried openSUSE 11.0 on several machines, I all reverted them back to 10.3. I want to be as up-to-date with ‘my’ SUSE as possible with all the bells and whistles on, but not any the expense. So if it takes any longer to make release 11.1 the best one ever, then please take your time!

  15. Alexander

    I wait to see opensuse 11,1 best of all the versions, with significant improvements, mainly in the question of the hardware and appearance, good desire work to the all team and I always make optimum possible system.

  16. Jay

    So far os11.1 works pretty good for a beta. Running it on a HP DV9720US laptop with only a few minor issues related to acpi timers. But Nvidia drivers seem to be working as they should. I did have to install them manually though… oh well.

    KDE 4.1 is quite usable.

    I think opensuse 11.1 has the potential to be a great release.

  17. Rodrigo

    No problem about this, because I love openSUSE ;). The best distro!!

  18. Ken hough

    I downloaded KDE 64 bit openSUSE v11.1 beta 4 last night (05/11/08) and gave it a try today. I was impressed by v11.0 and run it on my laptop PC, but I was not at all impressed by this edition! At this very late stage, IMHO too many things don’t work as they should.

    Yast seems to be in a mess. The repositories don’t seem to work. OpenOffice was flagged as having been installed, but clearly had not been installed. Yast reported that my network configuration wasn’t supported, but Firefox was clearly able to connect to the Internet. openSUSE v11.0 had no problems at all with my hardware.

    I really don’t like the KDE desktop setup and there doesn’t seem to be any option to change the SUSE menu system to the KDE menu system. The ‘Leave’ button on the menu bar doesn’t work. I want the option to use the stable and well developed KDE v3.5.

    I’ve been a SUSE user since the days of SuSE v5.2 and was intending to wait for SUSE v11.1, but on the basis of the mess that I’ve just experienced, I’ve installed Debian!

    Ken hough

  19. 11.0 has been a very solid release for me, both 32 and 64 bit, so I am hoping that 11.1 will build on that strength. Thank you all for your hard work!