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OpenOffice.org Fix for openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4

November 5th, 2008 by

Good news, everybody! One of the most annoying bugs from openSUSE 11.1 beta 4 has a fix. A problem starting OpenOffice.org was found too late to fix for the beta, but we do have a fix now — so you can update your system and have a working install of OpenOffice.org:

  • After installing 11.1 beta 4, open a terminal and run:
    sudo zypper refresh
    sudo zypper lu
  • You should see something like this:
    Loading repository data...
    Reading installed packages...
    S | Repository       | Name                     | Version   | Arch
    v | Updates for 11.1 | OpenOffice_org-kde       | | x86_64
    v | Updates for 11.1 | OpenOffice_org-libs-core | | x86_64
    v | Updates for 11.1 | gdm                      | 2.24.0-4  | x86_64
  • Go ahead and run the update command:
    sudo zypper up

    and say yes when it asks if you want to continue.

Note that, if you prefer the GUI method, you should also be able to do this by going to YaST and using the Software Update module. Reports of bugs or problems with this, if any, would be appreciated.

If you’ve installed 11.1 beta 4 or were thinking about installing the beta but were waiting for a fix to bug 440816 then it’s time to go! Download and install the beta and get to testing! The goal is to catch mobbles, feed them, dress them up, play with them and trade celltrackingapps.com/ them with other players

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10 Responses to “OpenOffice.org Fix for openSUSE 11.1 Beta 4”

  1. MNRU

    I’m going to install beta4 by DVD and update offline.
    which file do I need to update ?

  2. Jeffery

    Thanks guys. That fixed the problem with openOffice not being able to launch.


  3. Agustin

    Does anybody know if this 11.1 beta 4 suse release supports webcam Kolke model C903 ?

    • DDevine

      I do not know about your model but it would be worth checking out Fedora 10 (in beta). They have “Better webcam support” as a major release feature.

  4. Jeffery Fernandez

    Agustin, You will have to test it yourself and report if there are any issues.

  5. Ben

    To say this was “annoying” bug is kind of silly. It should have been reported as a resolved show stopper since if the issue was still alive the final shouldn’t have been shipped without it being fixed.

    But other then that.. great job for the quick fix. Hopefully RC1 will be on schedule.

  6. michael

    I like to say that you folks doing very very good job and keep up the good job.:) :)

  7. rushman

    Beta 4 Lenover 300 v200 laptop
    Intel quad main,

    Install on both great
    multimedia all installed no problems.

    Very stable I think even in beta, it is better than 11.0

    Only 1 problem for me, is installing an epson rx520,there was no driver in 11.0
    or in better 4, in 11.0 I used rx510 driver.This new printer installer I hate.

    And ofcourse my printer does not function.

    If drivers have not been installed In Beta 4 forget last comment


  8. RAF

    awesome, can’t wait to do that!

  9. itchy8me

    works wonderfully on the acer aspire one. Wireless a little unstable(sometimes the kernel module is not loaded properly, at least thats what it says) but installs out of the box.works extremely fluent and fast, i can even run a virtual machine, and simulate a circuit in multisim with no serious noticeable loss of performance,. Amazing!