openSUSE-Education: Live-CD, CD-Cover and 1.0 Beta2 for openSUSE 11.1

4. Dec 2008 | News Team | No License

Here are the first results of the great last Meeting of the openSUSE-Education Team two weeks ago…

We are proud to announce the first openSUSE Live-CD containing applications from openSUSE-Education - created via Studio by Andrea Florio!

// (696M)

This ISO image is based on openSUSE 11.0 (x86) and enhanced with a few of our applications for Education. We are currently testing the possibilities of SUSE Studio with the Live-Media - and might release updated versions in a shorter timeframe. Stay tuned!

 …and a big “THANK YOU” also to our new artist Aishwarya Raja designing a first draft for our new CD Cover:


CD-Cover of openSUSE-Education

…and there’s a very interesting thread in our mailinglist - here’s just a short cutout:

"k, green part of the cover is lizard.  I tried to guess what is the green one and may be it's only for me, but it seems that yellow part of the cover represents woman's body covered with book and Edu logo. So, 'Education have never been so attractive like now with openSUSE Edu'"

 This time, the openSUSE-Education Team wants to follow the release of openSUSE 11.1 as closely as possible. Luckily, our hard work in the last months pays off now: we’re happy to announce Beta2 of or Add-on for the upcoming openSUSE 11.1 right now!

Our updated Roadmap says it: the next release will be RC1 in two weeks, followed by the “Goldmaster” before Christmas. So this is the last time to add new applications and test and fix the current ones. Please have a look at our new designed wiki page with desktop applications (a big thanks to Kirill (kkirill) for this!) to get an overview about the currently available packages.


Just use the YaST2 “Add-On Product” module to add our Online-Repository. A more detailed description can be found at the openSUSE wiki.

For those without permanent Internet connection, we’ve created a DVD ISO which can be downloaded here:


But be warned: the ISO has 4.9 GB - so you need a DVD9 to burn it. A delta-iso against Beta1 is also available.

Known bugs:

  • Beta-Popup will tell about Beta2, while “license” still has Alpha0 in its context.

  • Brainworkshop, TuxMathScrabble and TuxWordSmith => unable to start

  • Multiplikation station => Unable to save config

Find/Enter more on //

A detailed changelog is also available. So left to say: Have a lot of fun testing openSUSE and Education!

Thanks to all for packaging, testing and/or discussing (in IRC on #opensuse-edu or in our mailinglist)!

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