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Release Party In Nuremberg

December 10th, 2008 by
Just a reminder, we will have a party on the releasy day in Nuremberg. If you are nearby, don’t miss it! We plan to have some demo systems, burn service and of course some food and drinks. It’s on December, 18th, 18:00-21:00 CET.
The address is Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nuremberg, Germany :-)
Google Maps, Stairs up, turn left and you will see the entrance like in the picture.
Please send an email to me if you want to come to the party, mlasars _at! suse !dot_ de (subject: party).

If you are not from Nuremberg, look first at the party locations at the wiki, or make your own party!

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10 Responses to “Release Party In Nuremberg”

  1. Bobby

    It#s a pity that I have to work :( I would love to be there because it’s not far away from me (Dachau) but unfortunately I have to work all day on Thursday.
    I am however very happy that openSuse 11.1 is only 7 days away from the installation on my machine. It’s a bit hard to believe that this version is finished so quickly.

    Congrats and thanks for this great distro.

  2. ken_yap

    Well done guys, have a great party, you deserve it. Sorry I can’t come, it’s a long way, I’m on the wrong continent. But I’ll have a drink in your honour on the day.

  3. max

    coming all the way from rollnerstrasse :-)

  4. Bastard Biochist from Hell

    Hi guys,

    Nürnberg clearly has become the antipole to Redmond. A nice imagination. Keep it up!

  5. Soemanto

    I wish I could come, but 18 Dec is one of the last days before Christmas and New Year holiday :(
    I will send my greet to all of party attendant, from Bremen :)

  6. Luqman

    Will anybody throw a release party in Malaysia ? ;)

  7. Andy

    Yeah Yeah great
    I made after work release Party in Basel
    Great guys made good Job on the open SUSE release 11.1. My daugther get only openSUSE linux on ther computer.

  8. I just put this event on upcoming