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Numbers … Again :-)

December 24th, 2008 by

Again here are the download numbers, from download.opensuse.org. If you don’t know, in the first 30 hours after the release we are redirecting the traffic to akamai instead to the mirror servers. So what had we this time?

Total downloads: 172 TB!

Ok, i though we can hit the 200TB barrier, but thats still pretty good. No, it’s awesome :-)

More details:
58% openSUSE-11.1-DVD-i586.iso
31% openSUSE-11.1-DVD-x86_64.iso
3,0% openSUSE-11.1-KDE4-LiveCD-i686.iso
2,0% openSUSE-11.1-Addon-NonOss-BiArch-i586-x86_64.iso
1,8% openSUSE-11.1-GNOME-LiveCD-i686.iso
1,1% openSUSE-11.1-KDE4-LiveCD-x86_64.iso

The rest is below 1%. So what changed compared to the last release?

* again more 64bit downloads, this time +3% (last time +4).
* total plus of 5% of the tracked downloads

Other numbers i have so far …

* 23518 smolt profiles uploaded. Please read this how to use it.
* 104742 updates (counted unique ip’s)

After all it was again a very successfull release. Thank you all for helping us with it, even it was rather short before Christmas this time.

BTW: because of some “everything has to be done before Christmas” stuff, the contributor gifts are a little bit late this release. But on the other hand it’s something really special this time :-) …over and out, see you again in January :-) The galileo probe https://eduessayhelper.org/ writing helper swung by the 20-mile wide asteroid ida and its tiny moon, dactyl

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82 Responses to “Numbers … Again :-)”

  1. Dean Hilkewich

    I can’t believe how many people are hanging on to 32-bit. I suspect a lot of outdated arguments are a big factor in that.

    • Rajko

      In my case not :-)

      My new hardware gave up and I’m back to old.

      There is more reasons:
      People are trying Linux on old hardware.
      Also 32 bit machines are now shamelessly cheap.

      • George

        +1 It is insulting, but it so

      • Erwin

        A Atom CPU and a reported Plasma Crash: So I returned to stable 11.0 too…

      • Don Lyon

        Tried to download 11.1 6 times, 64-bit version. All failed with “File from server unreadable” after about 1.5 GB downloaded

        • santanna

          Why don’t you try torrent.
          It’s fine.
          Watch out, the Internet Explorer can’t hand files bigger than 4 GB.

        • joe

          Some ISPs (mine, for one) will cut you off in the 1-2GB range. Solution: Use wget (ftp) with the -c, –continue option to resume getting a partially-downloaded file. If your ISP cuts you off, just reissue the command to resume where it left off.

    • Ken

      Well there is still a lot of old hardware around still doing good service. Should I throw out my lovely laptop, which has 1.6GHz processor and 1GB of RAM just because it’s not 64-bit. Everything works out of the box on OpenSUSE and has done so since 10.3, even the WiFi except maybe the SD card reader and I don’t care about that.

      My desktop is 64-bit and that works fine too. So I’m not a conservative.

      • Miles

        Yep – I’m running (typing this too) on a Acer5000 Dualcore 1.6 with 3/4Gig RAM on a 80GigSCSI and so far it’s running like a champ. At first I thought I saw about a 5 percent speed degrade from 10.3 – but, it seems as I settle in with the solidness of it – it runs fine and I stop noticing the speed variable – which is I’m sure the smooth carryover from one thing to another instead of the big leap that 10.3 does…and like the old Windows used to do on the front WYSIWYG theory of Gates while programs are trying to catch up in the backfield. I kinda like the smoother transitions myself…more UNIX like I think…or at least Mac like. So – I’m happy. So far no breaks in programs…that’s a happy point, too. I’m not being funny…I tried Ubuntu 8.10 on a box and and when I went to do the updates – about 80 percent of the programs wouldn’t even load they were so broken. I think we should all give the people at OpenSuSE a huge Merry Xmas and KUDOS for the great job they’ve done. I’m glad I waited for the .1 finish up.

        here’s my “BIG THANKS and KUDOS” to your all.


        • First of all I like to say a very Happy New Year to Greg Miles. Hope to meet you once at a meeting at David Weinsteins place.
          Second I am 85 and not the bightest anymore. So lease do not expect any bright ideas anymore.
          I learned long ago about SuSE at a swap meet at Frankston.I think it was SuSE 6.X. I was not impressed an Ron Williams advised me to try Mandrake. worked fine for typewriter work and Spredsheet. Being a memeber of Melbourne PC Group and connnected to their Internet service. It worked well but by nowadays standards was slow. On advice from someone who know all about it, advised to change to Broadband by Optusnet and have since had disaster after disaster.
          This issue of SuSE gave me access to the broadbamd straight away.
          Thanks very much. I’ll keep in contact.

          John F. Koene

    • Radon

      All netbooks with Intel Atom are only 32-bit, which adds up to about 20 million sold a year and growing!

      OpenSuSE with KDE4 should be the distro that replaces the ancient Xandros that’s being sold by Asus.

    • Beavis

      Running a 64 bit OS is still VERY problematic.

      With the PAE kernel, why bother with the headaches of incompatibilities?

    • roeland

      well, you only *should* select 64 bit if there is a good reason to it.

      PAE kernels deal with instaled memory limits up to 64GB. 64 bit Means: another installed 32 bt compat layer. Not all s/w does work.
      Also, 64bit generally is slightly slower. Not noticeale to the end user, but it generally is.

      Your comment should be backed by facts, not by comparisions like I have 64 bit and you have 32 bit so mine is better.

      You might first start reading stuff like system performace tuning(o reilly) before you claim that people are selecting 32bit systems over 64bit systems.

      And no, I’m not argueing about it when you have a large TB+ oracle database running but most people just want to have a working system that performs well.
      Your 64bit system doesn’t really help accomplising that goal.

  2. suseuser

    “Ok, i though we can hit the 200TB barrier,”

    The reason I stay with openSUSE11.0 is that 11.0 is rocksolid, convenient, smoothly running etc.So therefor I don’t feel the need to upgrade. Or as the wise men say: If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Never change a running system.

    It seems as if openSUSE faces the same problem that Microsoft has with XP versus Vista. People are satisfied with XP. So they don’t change.

    Nevertheless I tried the LiveCD and I must say: Excellent work, gentleman. I will go on to promote openSUSE among my friends, my family etc.

    • Wj

      At the time of this news writing the Smolt project is reporting 23500+ openSUSE 11.1 *registered* installs. And that number is within the week of the release.. Quite stunning.
      There is nothing wrong with sticking to what’s working.. for those trying the 11.1 release you will find it’s more and better (where Vista is a different story – much eyecandy, some nice security enhancements.. and allot of headaches).

      For those wanting to install.. Stick to using the install DVD! Especially if you have Intel video chipsets… there have been are some reports of ill effects when installing using the LiveCD’s. glad to see the download number is relatively low! ;)

      Good work on 11.1 btw.. Congrats for that & happy holidays!


    • Kryo

      I just ran Upgrade Option from DVD and it went smooth like silk. My KDE 3.5.9 was updated to 3.5.10 etc. No problems at all and even one fix for my annoying sutdown problem. Shutdown always hung when umounting crypto devices.

    • Atilius

      I have the same feeling like “suseuser”. I needed to upgrade from 10.3 due to very sloooow Yast. But now? Everything is working and I have already learned – dont change what working is :) Maybe when I will be courious more for KDE 4.2 or 4.3 I will reinstall it includes oS 11.1 but now? :)

    • cnyk

      >Or as the wise men say: If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. Never change a running system.

      Yeah and have it break horribly when it does get updated in 3, 4, years. Been there, done that, never again. *Change we need*. Especially when you want to get rid of impertinent packages like Networkmanager and Pulseaudio, they are much easier to remove on 11.1 because of less interpackage dependencies. You are probably even one of those who runs 32 on 64.

      And the actual quote is “If it ain’t b’ruq [pun-mix on baroque and broken], don’t fix it.” [Disney’s Beauty and the Beast].

      • suseuser

        “Yeah and have it break horribly when it does get updated”

        Updates have been painless nowadays. When time has come I will do a clean install of a new version rather than an upgrade. I always failed when trying to upgrade my SUSE.Maybe I am not smart enough for this. In the end I am a desktopuser.

        “You are probably even one of those who runs 32 on 64”

        No, I am running 32 on 32 because 32 fits my needs.

  3. §§

    I am in 31 percent. I downloaded openSUSE-11.1-DVD-x86_64.iso one and a half times because of FlashGet errors (oh yes, MS Windows). I spoiled your statistics slightly.
    When downloaded at last I was surprised after installing oS. First of all the Suspend to RAM mode is working for me (problems with this mode were a reason to use Windows). Maybe “awakening” lasts too long (about 30 seconds), but it does not matter. I am really glad. The second point is that my Lexmark E120n is fully operating. It uses your original driver instead of my home-made thing. Ideally!
    Bad news. To my deepest regret my Canon CanoScan 8800F is not supported. Does it work under Wine? And finally, I would like to pay your attention to icons in the system tray (KDE 4.1.3). There is some garbage, and icons appear slightly damaged. What is the reason?
    Anyway thank you very much for this great release. There comes a time when I can forget about Windows.

  4. Yes OpenSuse 11.1 runs out of the box on my Lenovo T61, but the only problem is the nvidia driver. It works, but it very slow with kde 4.1. So I do not understand why Nvidia do not fix the problem?

    • Daniel

      I had the same problem. Firefox took 3 seconds to maximize.

      I got a new graphics card and updated to 4.2 beta 2, that fixed the problem. I can now even run the effects!

  5. Agustin

    Until now I have no luck with all my hardware, specially with webcam, digital photo’s and audio devices. Everything was ok in 9.3, 11.0 was a headache in many senses and 11.1 (the one that I am now) until now has a god behavour.

    KDE 4.3.1 I found i it not very intuitive.

  6. MrViklund

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Got me a big surprise when I booted OpenSUSE today the 24th :)
    Very nice surprise! :D

  7. Today (24th) I’m installed 11.1. openSuSE ROCKS!!!
    Thanks for everything (since the first openSuSE release. ;)).

  8. RexJack

    Great release. Only Dolphin runs slow and i can’t access my web cam. But all in all a real good release.

  9. 11thMessenger

    Its the 24th an just got my christmas present…
    can’t wait to install 11.1 on my laptop…

  10. Lennart

    Thanks, works fine, I have A 64 bit laptop that is a little bit “odd” mostly Korea hardware ALI, LG, Samsung and some Taiwan, Winbond WiFi. Before, 11.0, Ubuntu and others I had lots of problems. Now it works, I could even make my second soundcard an USB soundcard with Digital S/PDIF output work by confguring it “by hand” that did not work in 11.0. The other machines i have installed it on are 32 bit machines, Intel, AMD and VIA based and they all work ok.

    BUT! the onlineupdate still is a “disaster”. Even now when you left zypp for PackageKit it really does not work. The latest onlineupdate that really worked was Suse 9.1.

    I have been using Suse Linux since 5.2

    Merry Cristmas.

    • mrp - brazil

      Weird! I have haven’t any problems with software update – automated or manual – since 10.3 release…

  11. lynn

    Good but no bluetooth. Anywhere:-( Can’t find the mini usb for my mobile ‘phone. Ahhgghh! please fix it!
    merry xmas.
    Lynn xxx

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure if it’s just the frontend, but I think BT works in GNOME but not in KDE! I didn’t take the time to actually connect the phone but I right-clicked the tray icon in gnome and it looked as if the hardware was ready… Under KDE it looks like the BT hardware is not present. Dell Latitude D830.

  12. Lennart


    In Opensuse 10.2 (im running it as Firewall and mailserver) there is a way to configure Bluetooth in yast under hardware. This is gone in 11.1. Why?

  13. Lennart

    The blutooth configuration in yast is still in 10.3 but in 11.0 it is gone?

  14. wernher

    Damn nice release. running it on my 64 bit desktop, 32 bit server, 64 aspire 5700 school laptop, and 32 bit aspire one.
    runs beautifully and smoothly on all (all running kde 4.1.3.) Now to get my bluetooth working :-s

    thanks guys, once again for a brilliant release!! was a nice a christmas present :-D

  15. Ian McDonald

    Merry Christmas

    I still use 32 bit because I cannot afford to upgrade yet. OpenSuse 11.1 is brilliant, thank you. All my hardware works straight out the box. Thanks to the forums for helping me to learn this year, wishing you all the best for the New Year. Ian

  16. jonzn4suse

    I’m glad to see that 11.1 works on my Sony FRV-25 that I bought in 2003. 10.3 would not install. Good work guys and gals. ;-)

  17. mh hh

    well, I like to see the excuses, why the DVD-image is larger than the FAT32-limitation allow to be.
    I guess there is no real need for these 300 MB too much, which makes maximum disadvantage/disapointment to me


    • Anonymous

      I agree. However, with that said, it did make me finally reformat my network storage to EXT3.

  18. Well the 11.1 64 Bit with KD4 is better but not the Point! That’s the reason why i prefer the KD3 version. I work since 9.3 only with Linux Suse, openSuse. Microsoft has no place on my systems, but the most of Support-Work have i with them. I had never time a crash on Linux applications when i work with it. The next test where i wil do ist update may Work-Laptop from Suse 10.3 to 11.1. I made the same from 9.3 to 10.2 It was going fine without any troubles. Im looking forward to futured KDE4 versions with more individual desktop designes. … Every user should have the possibiliti to design or redisign the surface from KD4 on a easy way.

  19. Jay

    Does this include torrent downloads? I haven’t downloaded off of the FTP/hTTP for a while now.

  20. after upgrade from 11.0 my YAST won’t work, and after i repair automatically, it crashed :(

    • I too had problems and the final fix was/is:

      YaST2->Software Management->Filter:Repositories->All in this list->Update if newer version is available.

      After clicking on accept it almost does a Full Re-Install. After it finishes then do a Full Re-Start. Almost all of my problems were cleared up by this procedure.

  21. Leonard

    Just installed openSuse 11.1 and am very satisfied. Configuring a new wireless card without the manufacturers bz2 GUI was really nice. The overall configurability seems very professional.There were some hurdles and they were overcome. First time openSuse user.

    Thank you OpenSuse and Novell!

  22. Alper

    I think OpenSuse is really usable Linux software.Result:Thanks Opensuse Developers,Users and Team!

  23. beavis

    If 11.2 doesn’t support KDE 3, watch the download numbers plummet.

    If I wanted an unintuitive, buggy, and bloated GUI I would be using Vista.

    • Anonymous

      I also think KDE4 is a step back in the look and feel, and that it’s buggy, but I think that is a temporary situation; I don’t think the KDE team would go that direction. I think they have just been pushed too bad to publish on date. I’d just give’em some time!

    • Anon

      and the download numbers will plummet because why? Because you want to predict doom and gloom rather than grow up and help to mature kde 4?

      I’m sure you realise OpenSUSE is one of the last distro’s supporting KDE 3, and that there are legal reasons that are seeing the end of KDE 3.

    • freedguy

      openSUSE 11.2 will be out in September 2009. Given the speed with which KDE4 is growing, it will be as stable as KDE3 by then.

    • ANon

      If your only interest is to use the desktop environments without even helping out by reporting bugs, then really, you have no right to complain about anything.

      And you will not find anyone who will keep 3.5 going, as for legal reasons it cannot be kept going. So just keep sulking and acting like a spoiled brat who wants everything and does nothing. Hmmm, you must be american.

      • beavis

        Legal reasons?

        KDE is GPL’ed, anyone can continue developing it.

        I am extremely busy, I have 4 software projects, 3 network security projects, and a masters thesis.

        Screw you. I am too busy to help a team who is obviously lost in me too land.

  24. leo

    this was my first 64bit system; and my tablet (hp pavillion tx2075br) worked flawlessly — thanks suse team!

  25. Robert Harvey

    I ended up using the bittorrent method (I kept ktorrent up till I had repaid the download 150%) to get the iso, and then changing all my repos to 11.1 (including the local iso image) and running zypper dup.

    Don’t know what that did to your Tb statistics.

  26. serge

    The ATI driver does not work with the ATI Radeon HD 2600. I cannot have 3D.

  27. Terry. T

    I am very satisfied with the release 11.1. Thank you very much for SUSE team’s hard work.
    The only problem I have is to the detection of CD-RW device when I use KDE 4.1.3. In the case that I use KDE 3.5.10, the detection of CD-RW device is successful. Are there anyone who have the same problem?

    • Jarl E. Gjessing

      I have the same problem too. The device appears correctly but when inserting a blank media. The device notifier does not detect it and the burning software cannot see the blank media.

      I have also tried k3b that detects the device, but not the media. Then rescanning, the device list becomes empty.

      Also as mentioned in the next thread by PeterPac, the printer “wizard” is a nightmare. I cannot in my mind figure out what they have been thinking about. It has to be changed very quickly.
      I can figure it out. But most people that I know that are not as used to doing technical stuff on the computer as I am just close it and gives up. The problem is very common since more and more people use net attached pinters and so far I have not been able to auto detect these printers using this interface. Vista does that just fine. (No, I’m not a vista fan)

      Other than that, really great distribution!!! Thanks openSUSE team!

    • José Luis

      Yes I got the same problem.

  28. PeterPac

    I have been receiving a lot of complaints about Yast being very slow after installing 11.1. I also noticed this on both machines I have installed 11.1 on. I am not talking about downloads but when you check for any updates of programs that are not critical or a patch through regular update. It seems it takes a long time for Yast to sync. Some have been complaining times of 15 minutes or longer. I am trying to figure out if this is a bug or server problems.

    The new printer configuration GUI to me would be a nightmare to a new user if for some reason would not config the correct model with the autocups. It did that on my Canon printer by giving me the wrong model which in 11.0 it did correctly but not on 11.1. Finally I had to config it manually but would a new user know how to do this? I then tested this on the other computer and it did the exact same thing by trying to config the wrong model thus showing no driver available. This GUI seems a step backwards from 11.0.

    • anon

      I’ve had no problems with Yast. 15 minutes? try a few seconds. Just because you hear something doesn’t mean it is true, or are you making that up

  29. Chika

    Still waiting for the delivery of my box set. I decided to go down that route rather than download as I haven’t had a full box since version 8.1 (and I only downloaded following that to get SATA support when I rebuilt my server system). Unfortunately, it didn’t reach me in time for my works closedown, so I’m hoping that it will be waiting for me when I get back.

    To be honest, the above has me a little worried as I was never a great fan of KDE4 under 11.0 as it seemed to be too unstable for my liking, hence I’m still using KDE3.5 on the two systems I’m running with 11.0 at the moment. The old PIII is unlikely to change (the most noticeable thing that sods up under KDE4 there is where some videos played through MPlayer go out of sync, something which no other GUI shell does) and I’m happy enough with the KDE3.5 front end I set up on my Celeron under 10.3 which I maintained under 11.0 when I updated.

    I suppose it’s more to do with the workings underneath than the GUI that interests me with this next update as the only bug in 11.0 was where I had to manually faff about with mounting NTFS volumes because they wouldn’t come up any other way (a known bug, ISTR). I’m not saying that I won’t give the latest outing of KDE4 a good going over but I really hope that it won’t end up going down the bloat route that other folks here suggest it might.

    • anon

      what bloat route? KDE 4 already uses less memory than kde 3.5. It is faster than 3.5. And having used it since it was a beta, I have yet to have any problems playing any movies within it.

  30. Philip

    11.1 really works very well on my Medion (MSI) akoya md96910 netbook.
    Webcam, wireless, suspend, everything works!
    Tanx Guys!

  31. Happy customer

    I have been making my living by developing Java on Suse since 10.1 and I must admit that is the best Linux distro out there. Thank you Suse team for your good work.

    For those who do not appreciate Suse or Linux in general, there is always Windows — good luck to you all.

  32. Lennart

    Thanks again for 11.1 Now almost everything works except for that on my 64 bit laptop with ATI graphics I can not get any output on the VGA connector for an external monitor. I get a picture when I boot but as soon as the Xserver starts I get a no signal on the external monitor ( A plasma TV). If I use the xorg.conf.install that is for installation without the ATI support it works but at 800×600. This worked fine in 10.3. I downloaded kubuntu 8.10 live and tried it with the same result. Maybee som people will be “pissed off” by this but it works in XP. (and in 10.3)

    • Eli

      Different machine, same problem:
      HP tx2500
      ATI Radeon HD 3200
      Kernel 2.6.27-7
      Xorg 7.4
      GNOME 2.24
      Ubuntu 8.11

      LVSD – 1280×800 12″
      VGA – 1920×1200 25.5″ LCD

      It sends signal to the external display (at 1024×768) during startup and the loading bar, but as soon as the login screen comes up on the laptop, the external monitor loses signal, and never regains signal until the shutdown loading bar screen. I can configure the screen resolution just fine in System>Preferences>Screen Resolution, and it is confirmed by running xrandr which outputs:

      Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1280 x 800, maximum 1920 x 1600
      VGA-0 connected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
      1920×1200 60.0 + 60.0
      1600×1200 60.0 60.0
      1680×1050 69.9 60.0 60.0
      1600×1024 60.2
      1400×1050 70.0 60.0
      1280×1024 75.0 60.0
      1440×900 59.9 60.0
      1280×960 60.0
      1360×768 59.8
      1280×800 60.0
      1152×864 75.0 75.0 70.0 60.0
      1024×768 75.1 75.0 70.1 60.0
      832×624 74.6
      800×600 72.2 75.0 60.3 56.2
      640×480 75.0 72.8 72.8 75.0 66.7 60.0 59.9
      None connected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)
      1360×768 59.8
      1152×864 60.0
      1024×768 60.0
      800×600 60.3
      640×480 59.9
      LVDS connected 1280×800+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 261mm x 163mm
      1280×800 60.0*+
      1024×768 60.0
      800×600 60.3
      640×480 59.9

      I still get no signal to the external monitor, I assume when Xorg is running. I also tried installing the ATI Drivers FGLRX and no sucess. The ATI Driver works for “faking” a wider desktop (IE making one desktop that’s twice as wide), but I cannot achieve native resolution on the external display, which is important to me for photo editing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      P.S. Sorry for the Ubuntu post in a SUSE forum, but this is the closest thing I have found after days of frustration and much googling.

  33. Tim

    My Opensuse box set that I ordered has just arrived which, with all this talk of numbers, made me wonder:

    How many orders of the boxed set do you get?

    Also, the free flashlight is a brilliant idea! Though it is extremely powerful, I almost blinded myself when I first switched it on…

  34. José Luis

    I am using the 32 bit pc. Every is working fine. Congrats to the developed team!!!!!!

    – but in INTERNET is always requesting for more plugging, the adobe flash player than is already installed.
    How can I solve this error?.

    is the Spanish language version?.

  35. menatwork

    Very promising with a few question marks. Having installed the 11.1 in Virtualbox I find that some things are effectively moving ahead in KDE and I am looking forward to version 4.2 that will be probably well usable for everyday life. Compliments the installation process, however I have some doubts about the overall security policy of Opensuse lately. You continue to choose “same password user and root” by default. I do not subscribe to this view. I am using version 11 on my notebook with encrypted home partition. The encryption of root partition was troublesome and the installation of the boot sector on usb-key (at least in 11.0) was impossible due to grub getting messed up after kernel update.This tedious procedure is always the same in 11.1. Opensuse is now remarkably fitting for use on modern notebooks (especially intel chipsets like my Samsung Q35 pro). Users with notebooks need a working install with as much as encryption as possible (because notebooks get stolen and lost). I would welcome a more easy and working procedure for full encryption with some “extra”(like usb-booting). I can see that linux can get an important share on netbooks (who wants XP on a netbook – ever tried it with the antivirus installed? Unbearable…). Therefore you should fix asap the very limiting bug in bluetooth support. Why? Because linux users in notebooks are technically very open persons that often make intensive use of all technical possibilities. Although I decided to use 11.0 for another 3 month (to get the bugs fixed) I have to say: impressive, promising and the better OS choice is Opensuse and linux in general. Please stick to a credible security policy. Because THIS is a real an unique competitive advantage of yours. I am looking forward to install (for a last time 3.5.10 in March). Thank you for your continuous commitment to linux. Great job.

  36. Rohan Lawrence D'souza


    Thanks for a Great OpenSUSE 11.1 Distro.

    Wonderful Xmas Present.

    Keep up the Good work and lets hope more users start appreciating Open Source.

    Great Job Once again.

  37. Setareh sorbee3

    Anyone know when openSuse 11 will be on final build? Its in Beta at the moment and I’m not the greatest Linux user, so I’d rather wait until the final build before giving it a go. Anyone know when this will be?

  38. Kombucha

    Sorry i prefere the 11.0 64bit and KDE 3.xxx. The reason is too many points there are not working in a good manner on the 11.1 and kd4 or 3.5xx. Also the Grafik thez did not solve a driver for mz ATI 3300 on my Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H the delivered driver is a fake i did not spoke over the keyboard driver… and some other things…