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openSUSE Factory is Now Open

June 18th, 2009 by

openSUSE development is now even more open than before. Factory development is changing, and we’re making it easier for contributors to take responsibility for packages and to contribute directly to openSUSE. This means contributors will be able to be directly responsible for packages, without having to go through a Novell employee to make changes.

Factory development is being split into devel projects organized by topic areas, such as KDE, GNOME, Education, Java, and so on. Devel projects are responsible for sets of packages and will be able to organize themselves rather than following a top-down model of management.

The idea is to allow teams to be self-organizing and for all contributors to have equal footing in terms of being able to contribute to openSUSE Factory.

To get started, the current Novell and openSUSE package maintainers will be working with each other to define responsibility within the devel projects and how the team will work together. As time goes on, they will integrate new maintainers into the teams and commit privileges will be based on merit and not whether a person is employed by Novell.

How to Get Started

If you’re new to working with Factory and the openSUSE Build Service, you can start with the Factory Packaging page on the openSUSE Wiki. This explains the Factory workflow, how to check out packages and submit changes, how to create new devel projects, and so on.

Have questions or need help getting started? There are plenty of openSUSE Factory contributors who’d be happy to answer questions and help you get started. To learn more, join the opensuse-factory mailing list, or get real-time help in the #opensuse-factory IRC channel on Freenode.

The policy changes that have been made with Factory are another step in making openSUSE a more independent project, and allowing all contributors to take equal responsibility. As Factory development and devel teams evolve, we hope to see more contributors taking a lead role in leading openSUSE development and shaping the openSUSE distro. Factory is open!

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14 Responses to “openSUSE Factory is Now Open”

  1. Congrats! This is awesome!

  2. This is excellent news, go go openSUSE!

  3. We/You deserve then “open” in name :) .

  4. Way to Go. Excellent news.

  5. bengan

    I have a question. Is this related to the fact that Novell is laying off people working on the OpenSUSE project?

  6. good news

  7. Dario

    Yes, that is excellent news, from now on there will be full chaos in all repositories, without any control :) Just look at some directories like server:/php(:). I definitely need more of them.

  8. Dean

    Great! Yet another example of do it yourself quality in the modern world. We now print our own manuals, certificates in the case of Novell certs, bring our own shopping bags, sort out our own garbage, pump our own gas, book our own travel, and now…..: “This means contributors will be able to be directly responsible for packages, without having to go through a Novell employee to make changes.”

    Nice job offloading yet another thing to the end user.! Glad we could save you money in return for NOTHING!

    • Sergej

      Well I don’t expect Novell to sort out my garbage. And as I am not a developer I can’t say if it’s really good. At least sounds to me so. There is a real long list of Software on a wish list (http://en.opensuse.org/Package_Wishlist), and I hope they can now found there way in to OpenSUSE repositories. I think there is now a chance to make OpenSUSE the most complete distribution with fast growing list of available software.
      And if we talk about money. We get with openSUSE realy much for NO money. You can see here your chance to pay back, to community and not at least to support Novell to make OpenSUSE better.

    • Lucky the Leprechaun

      “Nice job offloading yet another thing to the end user.! Glad we could save you money in return for NOTHING!”

      Would you like a little cheese to go with that WHINE?


  9. urmas

    Nice work Novel. You got the point of OSS. =)
    Good job!

  10. drsuse

    Quality and integrity will suffer from this. Anyone who says otherwise is dilusional. Nice way for Novell to escape responsibility, offload the workforce and sell it as a good thing. This opens the door for unscrupulous devs to plant bad things in the oss without anyone noticing. Hello, fedora.

  11. These are awesome news!

    I do not agree with drsuse at all. Do you mean that people outside Novell aren’t good as Novell employees? There is a lot of really good programmers out there that are not Novell employees and can contribute to openSUSE as well as the first ones. Read it carefully and you’ll see that commit privileges will be given by merit, that is people who has demonstrate they deserve it.

    I think that is the best movement I’ve seen on openSUSE, and it is also a very brave one.

    By the way, Novell already has a distribution that is “controlled” by Novell that is called SLES.