SUSE Studio Contest - you have until the end of this month!

8. Sep 2010 | Jos Poortvliet | No License

For those who didn’t know yet, about two weeks ago Novell introduced SUSE where you can submit your SUSE Studio Appliances for the world to see and download. Over the last year, the 400.000 appliances have have already been downloaded 3 million times and now they are available from the Gallery that number will surely skyrocket.

Together with the launch Novell started a contest with a grand prize of $10.000! Creative minds have until the end of this month to submit their crazy/cool/unique/useful appliance to SUSE and enter the contest. So those looking for Fame and Fortune, enter your software appliance into “The Disters” contest and see how you stack up to the rest!

If you haven’t registered for a SUSE Studio account, be sure to request an invitation to get signed up. It’s a quick and easy process and you’ll be able to get started with your appliance in minutes!

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