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openSUSE: Target Aquired

September 27th, 2010 by

Hi all,Future Lizard!\

Over the last week you have all given input on the new strategy document describing the target users of openSUSE. It saw quite a bit of rewriting and rephrasing but it seems the description fitted most of your perceptions. We have incorporated all the comments into the document and a new iteration can be found on co-ment.

Furthermore, the next piece of text has been added: What does openSUSE offer its users? Like with “Target Users”, we would really appreciate it if you could give your input on co-ment but we will accept any kind of input on any channel we can follow. So if co-ment isn’t your thing, feel free to comment below this post, on the forums or anywhere else. For those new to co-ment – it is a pretty awesome commenting tool under the GNU Affero GPL.

Giving your input on co-ment will make the discussion a bit more structured and easier for everyone to follow. How-to: select some text you want to comment on (a word, a few words, a sentence) and choose the little yellow + sign on the top-left of the page to add your comment. If you click a colored section of the text, you can see the comments which have been made to that section it and add your own voice to the discussion. Easy peasy!

You can find the document here. And for reference here the openSUSE Strategy portal on the wiki. Please have fun!

Your strategy team

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4 Responses to “openSUSE: Target Aquired”

  1. Scott

    I love the new identification of the user audience for openSuuse.

    More so, I love the focus of shipping stability first and having the bells and whistles for those who want this via Build services.

    Thank God for one of the oldest decisions was to have the openSuse software built around .RPM

    Without this early commitment to .RPM we could never do what is planed and what we currently do!
    We forget some time how lucky our forerunners made the decision to be an .RPM based distribution and commercial product!

    Other distro’s that do not use .RPM files will remain particularly inflexible and adding new functionality will remain difficult to any Open Source Code.

    It will be interesting for all who look on, like me, to see if we can scrap this Calendar Set Time for a new version to be released.

    We cannot ship stability based on the Calendar Based Release Principal…lets all talk…:0

    Thanks to all, even though I live in the southern hemisphere, on an Island about the size of the US – The southern hemisphere, as we know, just balances the planet, and only gives the World changes of Seasons :-)

  2. freeside

    the most interesting user is the “virgin” user. the user
    that has never touched a computer. every year … more are born.
    it is hard to imagine the situation for a new user, because we are all familiar
    with computers. if i have to explain something to a new user and get a little
    upset at their “stupidity”, i try to remember when i first used an apple ][.
    it might be a too difficult task for linux, but maybe it should be usable
    for an alien from another planet (100% earth computer illiterate) – AND- linus guru-wizard-class clones
    (which will NEVER be possible with closed-source).
    have: the street signs, documentations, hints and warning to go all the way from novice level (may
    i say ubuntu is great here) to the nitty-gritty bare-bone-self-compiled everything level.
    maybe the linux distro, future programmers will look back at and say “this got me all started” …
    : )

  3. Scott

    I could not have put it more eloquently that you have freeside !

    I make a liking on being a consultant for Industry and hands on for people at homes.

    If I had 1 dollar every time someone tells me they dont understand what I’m doing I would be seriously rich.

    Most of the world USE computers to enhance or speed up the work they need to do – They dont need to understand how to make the PC work;
    they just want to use it.

    In the same analogy users dont care why something does not work – Software and Hardware problems are irrelevant and they just want to use it!

    If a user cannot point, click, drag, SFT+click CTRL+Click, CTRL+A on a GUI, they will dump the software as they just want to use it!

    People who come to us in frustration from other O/S just want SuseLinux to just work and work better and faster as they just want to use it!

    Users want to Use it, NOT make it work!

  4. Steve.T

    I really appreciate the “openSUSE: Target A[c]quired”. This is what I was getting at in my posts about openSUSE. I am a power user (actually a systems level programmer) in IBM type mainframes. In the Linux world, I have used at least 5 different distributions, one of which was targeted at Windows users to take them to Linux.

    I am one of those users that makes openSUSE work as a general server (file, backups, DHCP, DNS, etc.) for a SOHO/SMB LAN. It beats the old NT 4.0 Server system across the board. As a result, I need stability (such as RAID1 actually working once Install finishes ;-) ).

    And on top of this, I am having to migrate one of the owners to openSUSE from W/XP. At this point, it is outside vendors that keep us using VMware or VBOX to run W/XP. Thankfully openSUSE 11.2 (64 bit) is MUCH more stable than W/XP.

    So I think I fit the target audience close to the center of the bulls-eye.

    And as I get time, I will be doing more testing of RCs.