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Feature handling for openSUSE reworked

November 30th, 2010 by

openFATE, the feature tracking tool used in openSUSE has been completely reworked and the new version is live now on features.opensuse.org.

A team has started driving the handling of features and we’d like to update you with the current state and invite you to participate.

The new version is now live and contains a long list of new features so that features can be handled completely with the new web user interface. The interface uses the new openSUSE Bento theme to fit in better in the openSUSE site family, has several search options to allow the screening team to find features easily, it’s possible to edit all fields and also the product states.

Thanks to the openSUSE boosters, especially to Thomas Schmidt, for the new version.

The new team has defined a workflow to handle features and described it in the openSUSE wiki.

Features for openSUSE 11.4


openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 151 is out!

November 27th, 2010 by

We are pleased to announce our new issue 151.

New signing key in openSUSE:11.3:Contrib

November 24th, 2010 by

The old openSUSE:11.3:Contrib signing key got deleted by an accident, so we have to generate the new one and sign all packages in this repo with it. It is safe to accept key with the following fingerprint when yast/zypper ask you to do so:

4FC8 6B50 8808 B7D7 D36C 59E3 CC9C 2F60 7296 AFB2

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Where do we need to improve?

November 23rd, 2010 by


during our bi-weekly Board Meetings on IRC we have a regular agenda topic “Where do we need to improve?”. We’re very much interested in ideas you may have to improve the inner workings of the Community/Project and we also like to provide an opportunity to step up and make us aware of complaints you may have with various aspects of the Community/Project. We’re particular interested in addressing those issues that are both fast and easy to fix while providing a significant advantage to our success and the sake of our community.


Novell, Attachmate and openSUSE

November 22nd, 2010 by

Is this thing on? *tap* *tap*. Good evening friends, this is your openSUSE Board speaking. If you didn’t hear yet, Novell has agreed to be acquired by Attachmate Corporation. What does that mean for the openSUSE Project? We don’t know exactly yet because our crystal ball is currently in the shop and therefore fortune-telling is not our greatest talent ;-) However, we have other talents: we are a software developer community and we’re here to work on one of the greatest GNU/Linux distributions and other world class software distribution tools to advance Free and Open Source software together with the global FOSS community!

For now, we don’t know much about Attachmate, we have had no dealings with them yet and, as Novell is a publicly traded company, all of this is as new to us as to anyone else. But the openSUSE Project has had, since its beginning, a very vibrant cooperation with Novell, especially with Novell’s SUSE business, and we are looking forward to continuing this once Novell and SUSE become part of Attachmate! Our best wishes go out to the people of our community that are employed by Novell and SUSE, may this bring nothing but good things for you and your careers.

The second part of the deal relates to the intellectual property that is changing hands. Our hope is that this does not add to the minefield that software patents are today for Free and Open Source software developers. The openSUSE Board generally believes, like the rest of the global FOSS community, that software patents impede innovation and are inconsistent with Open Source and Free Software.

What makes us proud is that Attachmate wants to further and strengthen the SUSE brand, which is based also on products and technology built by the openSUSE Project. Furthermore we are more than willing and looking forward to teaching another corporation about the principles, values and strengths of the Free and Open Source software development model. If you are reading this as an Attachmate employee, we would like to encourage you to just swing by and talk to us about the opportunites we can offer you to participate in this project!

And apart from all that it’s business as usual and we are continuing to work on, rather than predicting, the future of this project and have a lot of fun!

By the way if you wonder what that means practically, the next step into the future of this project is described in the post below: Our great bug squashing day on Saturday. See you there!

Your openSUSE Board


Meanwhile Attachmate released the following statement:

In conjunction with the announcement today on the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire, upon closing, Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL), Attachmate Corporation released the following statement:

“The openSUSE project is an important part of the SUSE business,” commented Jeff Hawn, chairman and CEO of Attachmate Corporation. “As noted in the agreement announced today, Attachmate plans to operate SUSE as a stand-alone business unit after the transaction closes. If this transaction closes, then after closing, Attachmate Corporation anticipates no change to the relationship between the SUSE business and the openSUSE project as a result of this transaction.”

openSUSE Bug Day on Saturday, November 27th

November 22nd, 2010 by

At the last openSUSE project meeting and after the discussion about zombie bugs on the opensuse-project mailing list, a small team of volunteers agreed to organize a Bug Day and being available to guide new contributors. Come to the #opensuse-bug channel on the freenode network at Saturday 27.11.2010, we’ll be glad to have you join the fun!


openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 150

November 20th, 2010 by

We are pleased to announce the Issue 150 of openSUSE Weekly News.

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 149 is out!

November 13th, 2010 by

We are pleased to announce our new Issue 149.

openSUSE Announces Third Development Milestone Evaluating systemd

November 11th, 2010 by

Delayed by a week due to a critical bug that would have prevented testing, the openSUSE project today announces openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 3 (M3), the third of six milestone releases of what will become openSUSE 11.4. The bug, a crash in the software rasterizer of the Mesa OpenGL stack, was found by our automated test suite and the openSUSE XOrg developers swung into action so that KDE would work on systems without hardware acceleration, which includes most virtual machines.

systemd, the alternative init system, becomes available for testing in M3 with version 11.  To test systemd, install it, then reboot with init=/bin/systemd as described by Andreas Jaeger. Otherwise, the existing SysV init is used.

M3 includes Gnome 2.32 on the desktop, including metacontact support in the Empathy instant messenger and Banshee 1.8 with Amazon MP3 store plugin, KDE 4.5.3, and a number of independent updates including version 0.11 of the Arora browser, the chemistry tool Avogadro 1.0.1 and Licq 1.5, introducing XMPP support to this venerable IM client.

On the productivity front, M3 includes LibreOffice 3.2.99,  a host of additional optional packages for KOffice such as lcms2 giving better colour management and image processing options, and Digikam 1.5.0 including automated lens correction while batch processing multiple images,

Mono 2.8 replaces Mono 2.6 and adds C# 4.0, an new garbage collector and many performance improvements.

At the lower level, Linux kernel 2.6.36 is in, along with smartmontools 5.40 brings SSD support, and Wireshark 1.4 brings many performance improvements and memory footprint reductions.

Due to a new liblzma, delta ISOs from M2 to M3 must be applied using a new version of deltarpm.  Stephan Kulow provides this in his home:coolo Build Service project.

A list of most annoying bugs can be found here. We look forward to your bug reports and test experiences. Automated testing and the openSUSE Factory team have been active to ensure that your download of  M3 will be at least minimally functional.

The next milestone is scheduled for November 25.  openSUSE 11.4 is planned to be released in March 2011.

(Title image by aid85, BY-CC-NA 2.0, original here)

openSUSE at Latinoware

November 10th, 2010 by

At Latinoware, a team of openSUSE contributors will come together, not only to promote openSUSE but also to talk with each other about the future plans for the major linux distribution in Brazil. openSUSE has some awesome technology and great people – both deserve more attention than they get and this is what the openSUSE ambassadors will talk about!

At the conference, you can expect the following talks by openSUSE people: A11y: Its about you! by Bryen “suseROCKs” Yunashko, international GNOME and openSUSE marketing and Accessibility expert; and “Why are you here?” by Jos Poortvliet, openSUSE community manager for Novell. He will be very friendly and the talk will feature kittens.

For those interested in educational software on linux, openSUSE ambassador Carlos Alberto dos Santos Ribeiro, one of the central openSUSE people in Brazil will talk about openSUSE Edu Li-f-e. There are two talks by ambassador Rogerio Ferreira: Xen for Dummies (about visualization on linux) and “Automatizando Tarefas ao Extremo com Shell e Expect”. Conference co-organizer and all-round cool girl Izabel Cerqueira Valverde will talk about “GNOME Women & openSUSE Women – Mulheres e seus espaços”. Her brother, Ricardo Cerqueira Valverde will discuss “openSUSE apresenta Realidade Aumentada em Linux”. Silvio Palmieri talks about “Laboratório de A a Z”. And the openSUSE buildservice is covered by Alexandre Duarte Rogoski in “openSUSE BuildService – Construindo Softwares para Diversas Plataformas e Distribuições”

On Friday the ambassadors will have a meeting with their international guests and anyone else who is interested in contributing to openSUSE.