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Linux is 20 years old!

April 8th, 2011 by

We have two birthdays this week!

While on April 6th GNOME 3 was born, another kid became 20 years old! The Linux Foundation celebrates the 20th anniversary of Linux with among other things a video contest. We already mentioned it but it’s now time to get those video’s to the Linux Foundation!


The video should be 60 second long and celebrate the 20th Anniversary by showing the impact of Linux on culture and IT over the last 20 years. The more inspiring you can make it, the better!

The winner of this year’s 20th Anniversary of Linux Video Contest will win airfare, registration and hotel expenses to attend one of the following events of their choice: LinuxCon North America, LinuxCon Europe, SXSW 2012 or the LA Film Festival. The winning video will be unveiled at LinuxCon in Vancouver BC August 17-19, 2011.

Ranking is based on community voting with the final decision being made by uber-penguin Linus Torvalds himself!


However, the Linux Foundation does more: all events where they have a booth will have recording equipment where you can record a message and share your favorite Linux moment or talk about the future. There will also be a series of articles on trainings for Linux professionals.


We’re surely proud of our Penguin! Join the celebration and visit the Linux Foundation 20th birthday site.

I'll be celebrating 20 years of Linux with The Linux Foundation!

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4 Responses to “Linux is 20 years old!”

  1. Short but interesting information. I assumed that LINUX is somewhat older than 20 years. I’m using LINUX since 15 years.

  2. ASI


  3. How quickly time has passed. Linux -20!

  4. Willem Franssen

    I’m a Linux user myself since about 4 years. I have to notice still after these 20 years Linux never reached the desktop-, laptop-, netbook-, tablet- and mobile market. In Android Linux is somewhere deep under the hood. No common consumer has ever heard of Linux. Is it the wrong appreciation of the consumer? I don’t think so. There’s just one principle:the consumer is always right. He takes what he likes and there must be a reason for. I think there is something wrong in the whole concept behind Linux and with the attitude of several distribution communities towards users.

    After 20 years of Linux it might be time for some self reflection. Linux still has too many idealists and purists and too little vendors. Most of the distributions have poor marketing, or no proper marketing at all. Does the existence of more than 100 different distributions mean there is freedom of choice? No. The more choice the more confusion. Besides that Linux is nothing but a kernel, so it is no brand. The distributions themselves are no clear brands either.

    So there’s work to do and a different way of thinking is needed. At least that’s my opinion as a user. It’s a pitty cause Linux in itself is a good os and the main distributions like ie Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and Fedora are great and should be appreciated by the consumer market as well. Where as this is not the case it’s not the fault of the consumer, but of Linux.