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14. May 2018 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

The openSUSE Conference is right around the corner and attendees list keeps growing for oSC18, which will take place May 25 - 27 at the Faculty of Information Technologies of Czech Technical University in Prague.

There are about 250 people signed up to attend the conference and most of the talks have been scheduled for this year’s conference. In addition to the conference, there will be a cryptofest on May 26, which will incorporate comes oSC18. The schedule for the cryptofest list three oSC18 security-focused talks and will be room 107.

There are several track that will be taking place at the conference like an openSUSE track, a cloud and  containers track, an open source track, a desktop and application track and an embedded track. On Saturday, May 26, will be a lightingbeers talk where people will get a free beer and give a short 5 minutes talks; people can sign up for this at //

There will be a wide range of speakers from many different open-source projects, and on Sunday, May 27, there will be an unconference in room 107; people can submitted their ideas for talks at the unconference on the Friday and Saturday. A schedule for the unconference will be made available for the last day.

On the first day of the conference, there will be the release of openSUSE Leap 15 at 14:00 local time or 12:00 UTC. Later that evening, there will be the conference after party, release party at the venue.

Attendees can subscribe to the Telegram channel for the conference at to stay in touch with attendees at the conference and to receive updates.

There will be several sponsor booths at the conference; SUSE, arm, ownCloud, MySQL, Linux Magazine, ADMIN Magazine and TUXEDOComputers will all have a booth. TUXEDOComputers has kindly sent four brand new TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 13 computers for an installfest. There will be five old consoles from the Retrogaming club at the conference.

All three rooms will have video equipment to record the talks. Speakers who wish not to have their talk recorded will need to notify the video team at the conference and inform them that they do not want their talk to be recorded. The videos will be posted on the openSUSETV channel on YouTube. The video will also be streamed via Chaos Computer Club Video Operation Center. The licence of the video recording are Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

Several people have volunteered to help out at the conference, and if people are interested in volunteering, they can still sign up to volunteer. Volunteer will help with the registration booth and issue the swag bags to attendees. The registration booth will have a list of emergency contacts for the conference and information about the network

There will be food and drinks available during the day at the conference as well as at the after party on Friday evening. No food will be available after the conference on the evenings of Saturday and Sunday.

Prague is a big city with excellent public transportation. Most hotels are a few kilometers from the event location at the Faculty of Information Technologies of Czech Technical University in Prague.

Getting to the event with public transportation is inexpensive. A one-way ticket, which is good for 30 minutes, costs about 1 EUR. People can use the transportation map to figure out how to take public transportation from the hotel to the event. The transportation map offers an interactive map to help with planning.

There are a couple buses from the airport to metro stations (subway) that will take you to downtown Prague. Bus line 100 and 119 will take you from Letiště (Prague Airport) to Nádraží Veleslavín (metro A) or Zličín (metro B). The event is located near the Dejvická station, which is two statons from Nádraží Veleslavín. The cost for the bus is about 32 CZK, which is about 1.20 EUR.

Using the Google app on a smartphone will allow you can navigate Prague fairly easy, but if you want an app that gives you more option during your outings at oSC18, try one of the five recommended apps listed in this article.

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