Community work group update post oSC22

17. Jun 2022 | Lubos Kocman | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Community work group update post oSC22

The community workgroup (CWG) for the Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP) would like to update you on what has happened since the openSUSE Conference 2022. Make sure to check the panel discussion with the ALP steering committee and other talks from oSC22 as they become public.

First, there is a new official communication channel! We’re using the “openSUSE ALP” matrix channel, bridged with and ircs:// We’ve got you covered! This is the best way how to consume updates.

We have revisited the way we would like to communicate updates on ALP. The idea is to switch away from a digest report for all workgroups to something a bit easier to follow and more exciting to read.

We’ve invited SUSE’s newly appointed Engineering Director Marco Varlese to the weekly ALP CWG meeting, and we have great news to share!

We’ve received confirmation about the upcoming Roadmap. A delivery of the Proof of Concept is expected in September, and the public availability of an ALP Based product is projected for September 2023.

Next Tuesday, June 21, Marco will work with Robert Sirchia from the SUSE’s Community team on a article about the strategy and vision for the Adaptable Linux Platform. We’d like to then interview individual work groups and share some updates in a story-telling way and communicate better how they fit into the bigger picture shared by Marco. Dan Čermák will put together a sorted list of WGs by the impact on the openSUSE community. This will make sure that the interviews are as relevant as possible.

We’ve had Quality Engineering over this week. For next Tuesday, we’ve invited Jiří Šrain and Frederic Crozat from the ALP steering committee, with whom we’d like to discuss building of the community part of ALP, essentially the Package Hub for ALP. The remaining items on our radar are a test instance of Fedocal and centralized documentation.

The community platform is being referred to as openSUSE ALP during its development cycle with SUSE to be concise with planning the next community edition.

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