Tumbleweed Gets Vim, Plasma, PipeWire Updates

8. Jul 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Gets Vim, Plasma, PipeWire Updates

The openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots are rolling out steady during the month or July.

Some big and small snapshots have been released with a few major-versions updates arriving this week.

The most recent snapshot arrive in the last 24 hours was 20220706. The release updated the Linux Kernel to 5.18.9. It had several additions for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture to include fixing a couple missing beep setups and adding a mute LED quirk for HP Omen laptops. The kernel also enabled configuration for the MLX90614 remote temperature sensor. There were some minor changes in the update of xfce4-settings 4.16.3, which fixed a recursive lock in libX11. Both yast2-network and yast2-schema-default updated to version 4.5.4, which the packages added a missing route element to the networking section.

A major version updated package arriving in the 20220705 snapshot was 7zip 22; the new version has switches for Linux TAR archives and can now can store additional file timestamps with high precision at one nanosecond or a billionth of a second. That’s fast. Another major version to land this week was vim. The text editor received its second update this week to version 9.0.0032, which fixed a couple Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures; one of those was a moderate Integer Overflow reflected in CVE-2022-2285. Mesa 22.1.3 had some X11 performance fixes and a lot of Zink driver fixes. GNOME’s personal information manager evolution updated translations and fixed a crash when printing task lists to pdf in version 3.44.3. An update of firewalld 1.2.0 added a secure version of Kubernetes controller-plane components and added distributed web IPFS services. The audio and video package PipeWire updated to 0.3.53 and the ALSA plugin should now be able to deal with unsupported sample rates and fall back to the nearest supported one. The audio-convert plugin was rewritten, which should make it more maintainable. Other packages to update in the snapshot were pango 1.50.8, harfbuzz 4.4.1, kernel-firmware 20220622, sssd 2.7.3 and more.

GNOME’s sushi updated to the 42.0 version in snapshot 20220704; the updated file previewer enabled WebKit sandboxing for increased security and responsiveness. The previewer also allows right-clicks to show the context menu for GtkSourceView. Both gnome-software and gnome-remote-desktop updated to version 42.3. An incorrect restart notification related to a failed firmware update was fixed and an uninitialized caps lock was fixed respectively. The camera, access and control library libgphoto2 provided updates in version 2.5.30 related to cameras Canon EOS Rebel T8i, Sony DSC-WX220, Nikon Z9, Fuji X-E4 and the GoPro HERO10. The snapshot also had a few Perl, Python and Ruby support libraries updated.

A single package was updated in snapshot 20220703. The update of the adwaita-xfce-icon-theme to a 0.0.2 version added some multimedia and camera icons.

The dependency manager Yarn updated to version 1.22.19 in snapshot 20220702 and added compatibility with web standard WebAuthn on the npm registry. An update of kmod 30 both dropped and added one patch. The update also provides support for the SM3 hash algorithm. The power management tool tlp 1.5.0 has new features for Sony, ASUS and ThinkPads laptops. The package also added radio device support for switching Near-Field Communication (NFC) devices and removed support for wireless-tools, iwconfig. More than a handful of other language package libraries were updated in the snapshot.

The major version update for vim 9 arrived in the 20220701 snapshot. The text editor made fixes for the CTRL-key combinations that caused more problems than it solves. The editor may still access invalid memory after changing terminal size, according to the changelog. Arriving three days after it’s release, KDE’s Plasma 5.25.2 found its way in the snapshot. The desktop environment updated some Qt 5 requirements for KWayland Integration among many other packages for Plasma. The X Window Manager and Wayland Compositor KWin ensured modeset properties were reset properly and fixed broken keyboard navigation while filtering. Plasma Desktop fixed the dbus interface when building the kglobalaccel and there were many other fixes for Plasma users.

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