Work Group Shifts to Feedback Session

3. Aug 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Work Group Shifts to Feedback Session

Members of openSUSE’s Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP) community workgroup had a successful install workshop on August 2 and are transitioning to two install feedback sessions.

The first feedback session is scheduled to take place on openSUSE’s Birthday on August 9 at 14:30 UTC. The second feedback session is scheduled to take place on August 11 during the community meeting at 19:00 UTC.

Attendees of the workshop were asked to install MicroOS Desktop and temporarily use it. This is being done to gain some feedback on how people use their Operating System, which allows the work groups to develop a frame of reference for how ALP can progress.

The call for people to test spin MicroOS Desktop has received a lot of feedback and the workshop also provided a lot of feedback. One of the comments in the virtual feedback session was “stable base + fresh apps? sign me up”.

“stable base + fresh apps? sign me up.” - listed in comments during workshop

Two install videos were posted to the openSUSETV YouTube channel to help get people started with installing and testing MicroOS.

The video Installing Workshop Video (MicroOS Desktop) went over the expectations for ALP and then discussed experiences going through a testing spreadsheet.

Watch the video

The other video, which was not shown during the workshop due to time limitations, was called Installing MicroOS on a Raspberry Pi 400 and gave an overview on how to get MicroOS Desktop with a graphical interface running on the Raspberry Pi.

Watch the video

A final Lucid Presentation is scheduled for August 16 during the regularly scheduled workgroup.

People are encouraged to send feedback to the ALP-community-wg mailing list and to attend the feedback sessions, which will be listed in the community meeting notes.

Users can download the MicroOS Desktop at and see instructions and record comments on the spreadsheet.

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