Mesa, Git, Gear, More Update in Tumbleweed

26. Aug 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Mesa, Git, Gear, More Update in Tumbleweed

This was another full week of openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots.

The rolling release continues fastforwarding daily with new versions of software.

The most recent snapshot is 20220824 and it updated the Linux Bluetooth protocol bluez 5.65; the package fixed a few Advanced Audio Distribution Profile issues and added experimental support for ISO sockets. The 4.16.2 version of hypervisor xen dropped several patches contained in the new tarball including a CLFLUSH work around for AMD x86. The new xen update fixes a few Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. There were a few updates related to Vulkan like an update of shaderc 2022.2, which added support for 16b-bit-types in High-Level Shader Language. There were also updates to vulkan-loader and vulkan-tools The OpenGL and OpenGL for Embedded Systems shader glslang 11.11.0 added OpSource support and avoids a double-free in functions clone for vulkan in relaxed mode.

Mesa and its drivers package updated to version 22.1.7 in snapshot 20220823. The 3d graphics library’s new version had fixes and cleanups all over the tree; most of the fixes were for the Zink driver that emits Vulkan Application Programming Interface calls. Several YaST packages updated in the snapshot. There were some adjustments made with yast2-storage-ng 4.5.8 to adapt to new types of mounts by libstorage-ng, and yast2-network 4.5.5 added a class to generate the configuration needed for Fibre Channel over Ethernet. Other packages to update in the snapshot were transactional-update 4.0.1, autoyast2 4.5.3 and many other libraries.

Snapshot 20220822 updated a half dozen packages. An update of aws-cli 1.25.55 fixed a regression that made setting configuration values for a new profile problematic. The package also received several API changes from a jump of a few minor versions. The xfce4-panel 4.16.5 fixed a critical warning when starting on a disconnected device and updated .gitignore. Xfce’s desktop manager xfdesktop 4.16.1 removed an unused function call and allocates memory after error processing. Other packages to update were lttng-ust 2.13.3, python-matplotlib 3.5.3 and python-pbr 5.10.0

Mesa had its first update of the week to version 22.1.5 in snapshot 20220821. Mesa dropped a warning for unhandled hwconfig keys. The SDL2 2.24.0 update added a number of functions relating to input devices such as keyboards and joysticks. It also added support for the NVIDIA Shield Controller. The other two packages to update were libevdev 1.13.0 and libtirpc 1.3.3, which fixed a Denial of Service vulnerability.

Snapshot 20220820 provided an update of ImageMagick and its changelog says it moved building the dependencies to a separate file and eliminated a compiler warning. The update of bind 9.18.6 fixed some crashes that occurred when a configured forwarder sent a broken response, and a fix was made with the dnssec-policy. Linux Kernel 5.19.2 updated in the snapshot and most of the code was related to Advanced Linux Sound Architecture additions and fixes for KVM. The systemd 251.4 update dropped conflicted headers and a patch was added to resolve conflicts with glibc 2.36. A few Python Package Index updates were also made available with the snapshot.

Of the three snapshots to begin the week, which were 20220819, 20220818 and 20220817, a few packages of the many stood out. Among the packages to update were KDE Gear 22.08.0, which allows you to sort files also by file extension with Dolphin. KWrite added another interesting new feature that now supports tabs and screen splitting so you can open several documents at the same time. GTK4 4.7.2 added audio support to the ffmpeg backend and fixed handling of touchpad hold events. Text editor vim 9.0.0224 redraw flags that are not named specifically and it fixed the splitting of a line that may duplicate virtual text. Multiple bug fixes that were developer visible were fixed in the git 2.37.2 update. The version control handler improved git p4 non-ASCII support. Other packages to update were a 12.1.1 gcc12 git version, ncurses 6.3.20220813, rsync 3.2.5 and timezone 2022c, which updates that fact that Iran will no longer observes Daylight Saving Time after 2022.

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