Tumbleweed Ends Continuous Streak, Keeps Rolling

8. Sep 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Ends Continuous Streak, Keeps Rolling

The Tumbleweed continuous daily-release streak ended last week with a new record of 26 snapshots, but openSUSE’s rolling release doesn’t appear to have slowed down in any way with the frequency of snapshots that continue to roll.

Snapshot 20220829 broke the streak, but this week continued to fast forward with several snapshots and package updates.

Before highlighting those snapshots,GNOME 43 might need some love before making it into a Tumbleweed snapshot. Please read the tweet below and chat with the team on https://matrix.to/#/#gnome:opensuse.org if you are interested.

The latest snapshot to be released was 20220907. The update of gnome-bluetooth 42.4 has its Application Programming Interface now export the battery information for all Bluetooth devices listed in UPower. Files and scripts for MicroOS were updated with microos-tools 2.16. An update of libsoup 3.0.8 had mumerous improvements to HTTP/2 reliability and fixed an http proxy authentication with a default proxy resolver. SVG rendering library librsvg updated to version 2.55.1 and is experimenting with giving librsvg an even-odd versioning; odd minor versions will be considered unstable and even minor versions will be considered stable. This should be fun! A few other packages updated in the snapshot, which including kernel-firmwarel 20220902 and yast2-vpn 4.5.1 and more.

The Linux Kernel updated from version 5.19.2 to 5.19.7 in snapshot 20220906. There were a few btrfs fixes and changes along with amdgpu driver updates in Kernel. An update of userspace-toolset package lvm2 2.03.16 had some segfault fixes, added several patches and fixed the loss of deleted message on thin-pool extension. A change for virtual reality was made with a Plymouth 22.02.122 update because displaying a boot screen on VR headsets isn’t necessary. Or is it? Text editor vim 9.0.0381 fixed some crashing, flickering and a Clang static analyzer that gives warnings. Updates were also made to sqlite 3.39.3 and other packages in the snapshot.

Just two packages updated in snapshot 20220905. Network Mapping tool nmap 7.93 was released to commemorate Nmap’s 25th anniversary. Congrats! The tool upgraded several libraries and ensures Nmap builds with OpenSSL 3.0 while using no deprecated API functions. The package also fixed a bug that prevented it from discovering interfaces on Linux when no IPv4 addresses were configured. The other package to update was Thunderbolt 3 device manager bolt 0.9.3. The update created a work around glib.

A bit more than a handful of packages were update in snapshot 20220904. The packages update in the snapshot were AppStream 0.15.5, git 2.37.3, libstorage-ng 4.5.43, libzypp 17.31.1, zypper 1.14.56) and gc 8.2.2. The update of git corrected some regression and made some git fsck improvements. openSUSE’s zypper made sure up respects solver related command-line interface options.

The update of btrfs arrived in snapshot 20220903. The filesystem update provides some optional support for LZO and ZSTD compression. The update also brought some compatibility with glibc 2.36. An update of GNU Compiler Collection 12.2.1+git416 had some recently backported fixes from trunk and had some changes for armv7l architecture. Pixel encoder and color-space converter package babl 0.1.96 dropped some patches and fixed a crash on non-aligned data for Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD). Other packages to update were libvirt 8.7.0, lsscsi 0.32, upower 1.90.0 and several RubyGems.

The first snapshot since the streak was broken was snapshot 20220901. This snapshot updated curl 7.85.0. Contributions from 79 people were made in the new versions. A Common Vulnerability and Exposure was fixed in the release. CVE-2022-35252 was introduced in curl 4.9 and allowed a “sister site” to deny service to siblings. The release also added Transport Layer Security 1.3 support. An update of NetworkManager 1.40.0 can now restart DHCP if the MAC changes on a device. Some internationalization and localization changes were also made with the network package. An update of Flatpak 1.14.0 improved support for transferring files between two local devices known as sideloading. That software deployment and package management utility also added a package configuration for libcurl to enable the new HTTP backend. Other packages to update in the snapshot were ncurses 6.3.20220820, grilo 0.3.15, mariadb 10.8.3, a kdump git update and more.

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