GStreamer, GNOME, systemd update in Tumbleweed

28. Oct 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GStreamer, GNOME, systemd update in Tumbleweed

The new streak of openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots continued this week as the continuous streak stands at 15.

The consistency brought rolling release users updates this week for fetchmail, GNOME, GStreamer, rsync, systemd and more.

The 20221026 snapshot updates a few packages. Text editor vim 9.0.0814 fixed the Kitty terminal and Clang format configuration files that were not recognized. The package also fixed a memory leak with an empty shell command and OpenVPN files are not recognized either. The Linux driver package pcsc-towitoko 2.0.8, which is for smartcard readers, corrected a time out value that was set too low for certain cards like that of the Spanish national identity card. The portable foreign-function interface package libffi 3.4.4 had important AArch64 fixes that included support for Linux builds with Link Time Optimization. The wrapper library libp11 0.4.12 fixed several memory leaks and some storing certificates on tokens.

An update of gstreamer 1.20.4 arrived in snapshot 20221025, and it fixed a crash when updating an unchanged ping source, updated translations and now always clears MIME type tables when updating a clients clipboard. Several gstreamer plugins were also updated to version 1.20.4. An update of xwayland 22.1.4 bumped wayland build requirements and fixed some overzealous caching. An update of gnome-maps 43.1 fixed various issues related to the GTK4 port and fixed a couple drag-and-drop issues. File compressing package zchunk 1.2.3 added availability of a license scan report and status. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot including yast2-trans, which updated Czech, Dutch, Slovak, Japanese and Catalan languages.

Just two packages were updated in snapshot 20221024. An update of autoyast2 4.5.6 fixed profile location parsing and the add repo URL scheme. The module also added packages for the selected network backend in order to prevent it from being declared in the software section. The other packages to update was a reversion of selinux-policy from 20221019 to 20220714.

An update of gnome-software 43.1 arrived in snapshot 20221023. The minor release from the GNOME community fixed searches not completing when installing and uninstalling an app at the same time. The desktop package fixes distribution upgrades when package conflicts are present, and it fixes a crash when showing offline update errors during the startup. Browser Mozilla Firefox updated to version 106.0.1 and it addresses a crash experienced by users with AMD Zen 1 CPUs. An updated version of GNU Compiler Collection 12 added a patch related to RISC-V, and it updated embedded library newlib to version 4.2.0. The Linux kernel-source 6.0.3 updates had some changes related to the handling effects of the non-volatile memory after freeing a request. Domain name query package whois 5.5.14 added the hiding string for The super-thin layer package on the DBus interface fwupd 1.8.6 fixed a regression when getting the I²C bus number. The rendering extension library libXrender also fixed a regression in the version 0.9.11 update.

Mesa 22.2.2 was updated in snapshot 20221022. The 3D graphics library added a patch to fix LLVM optimization to avoid failures on ARMv7. The 251.6 systemd update avoids the expanding macros in comments that leads to an error on installations. The package also makes sure that the same seed is not replicated on systems when installing from a golden image. A major version update to cpupower 6.0.2 removed powercap capabilities to patch against the latest kernel-sources. The rsync package fixes client-side validation of the remote sender’s filtering behavior in version 3.2.7 and the --fuzzy option was optimized to cut down on the amount of computations when considering a big pool of files, which resulted in about a 2x speedup. Six Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures were fixed in the Firefox 106.0 update major version like CVE-2022-42929, which could cause a denial of service of the browser if a website called window.print() in a particular way. Harfbuzz 5.3.1 and several other packages were updated in the snapshot.

Just one package changed with the 20221021 snapshot; it was related to fetchmail and it removed a subpackage that required python-rpm-macros.

An update of fetchmail also arrived in snapshot 20221020. Fetchmail 6.4.34 updated Serbian translations and fixed a bug that would delete a message from the mail store despite a soft bounce option being enabled when an SMTP receiver refuses a delivery. An update of NetworkManager 1.40.2 fixed a couple race condition behaviors and it now declines the DHCPv6 lease if all addresses fail IPv6 duplicate address detection. Bug fixes arrived with Plasma 5.26.1 updates. The software center Discover improved Flatpak test reliability, but also disabled the test on the Continuous Integration. Plasma Audio Volume Control should not crash now when the server doesn’t respond, and Plasma Desktop makes the drag and drop of the pager widget more reliable. The update of gnome-control-center 43.1 fixes crashing when editing networks. Fixes for a crash when a device had detached while the controller is resetting the port were made with the virtualbox 6.1.40 update, and python-setuptools 65.5.0 improved information in its documentation about conflicting entries in a current working directory and editable install. The package also fixed backward compatibility of editable installs and custom build_ext commands inheriting directly from distutils. Several other packages were updated in this first snapshot of the week.

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