ALP Work Group Seeks High-Level Consuming Ideas

21. Nov 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

ALP Work Group Seeks High-Level Consuming Ideas

Members of the openSUSE Project will gather tomorrow in the project’s online meeting room at 14:30 UTC for a Work Group to discuss high-level ideas, and the group will seek to idenfity requirements needed for consuming community software with SUSE’s Adaptable Linux Platform.

“We’re in a different position than with Leap 15 as ALP is developed fully in the open, therefore we can build on top of something which is already public,” wrote openSUSE Leap Release Manager Lubos Kocman in an email to the project. “We’re not looking for any implementation details, but rather high-level ideas and requirements.”

All attendees are asked to make themselves familiar with the current state of the ALP prototype, the work of the D-Installer and other aspects associated with development. The Work Group is for those who have tried ALP or for those who want to follow along. 

The project seeking input from people attending that have run the ALP prototype and attenddes don’t want to be spending time explaining the basics of the system during the Work Group as the goal is to generate meaningful ideas with a focused discussion.

A post was also generated on openSUSE Reddit asking for people to join and help with community input.

Members were invited to brainstorm to focus on how to consume community content in the next-gen Enterprise Linux from SUSE. During the session, attendees will use a Lucidspark whiteboard that is enable with anonymous use/access. More details can be found on the mailing list

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