PipeWire, Flatpak, YaST packages update in Tumbleweed

24. Nov 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

PipeWire, Flatpak, YaST packages update in Tumbleweed

This week saw the continuous release of openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots reach 42.

Packages to arrive this week include Mesa, bind, Flatpak and more.

These three above packages arrived in snapshot 20221122. Mesa 22.2.4 fixed some flickering issues in Spider-Man Remastered related to RADV for AMD, and it fixed some other flaws affecting gaming. An update of bind 9.18.9 fixed a recovery related to connectivity issues during startup, and it fixed an overflow in certain resolution scenarios. Flatpak 1.14.1 added new features like a httpbackend variable that allows dependent projects like GNOME Software to detect whether they are compatible with libflatpak. The cross-distro package also fixed an issue so that applications do not inherit outdated Wayland and X11 socket addresses. After a year, hxtools moved from version 20211204 to 20221119; the collection of tools and scripts added a new utility and implemented an aspect ratio correction for selective file-dump outputs. There were a few yast2 package updates like yast2-storage-ng 4.5.14, which proposes support for LUKS2 encryption with a configurable PBKDF to be used by the D-Installer. Several other packages were updated as well.

The 20221121 snapshot updated just two packages. The GStreamer plugins written in Rust, gstreamer-plugins-rs, provided a recent November git 0.9+ update. The package added support for the muxing video VP9 codec stream and added a new mux subdirectory for container formats. Xfce’s configuration system was updated with the xfce4-settings 4.16.5 package. The minor update fixed a regression introduced in version 4.16.4 that caused exo-open not to work with the path spaces inside.

A handful of packages were updated in snapshot 20221120. Among those was an update of terminal emulator xterm 376; this update modified a configuration script to always check for GNU Compiler Collection attributes and it fixed a copy/paste error. An update of multiple-precision floating-point library was updated. The mpfr 4.1.1 version improved manual formatting, updated the keyring and fixed multiple bugs, which included one in particular for macros implemention function. The library and command line tool for compressed files, xz 5.2.8, had a change that matches GNU gzip and it is now a more logical treatment of the output file, which successfully closes when xz cannot remove an input file. The package also fixed displaying the file sizes in the progress indicator. Input device management and event handling library libinput 1.22.0 includes quirks for laptops from Lenovo, Acer as well as for arm-based Chromebooks. The package has a new flat acceleration profile for trackpoints that make them more usable in some cases. The last package to update in the snapshot was the Portable Open Source UPnP Development Kit libupnp 1.14.15, which made a fix for some CMake missing files in the autotools distro.

PDF renderer poppler updated to version 22.11.0 in snapshot 20221119. The update had some small code refactoring and protects against file breakage. A 1.0.2+git20 update of kdump disabled a build on arm 32bit. An update of NetworkManager-openvpn 1.10.2 updated translations, fixed secret flags initialization and added support for the DOMAIN-SEARCH option. Other packages updated in the snapshot including quota 4.09, libpipeline 1.5.7, taglib 1.13 and more.

The 20221118 snapshot had several YaST packages updated. An update of yast2-installation 4.5.9 wrote a configuration script to enable a security policy, and the package fixed with help in the installation summary to include text from corresponding proposals. An update of yast2-security 4.5.3 fixed hash vs keyword argumentations in the testing tool RSpec, which was also reflected in the yast2 4.5.19 update. An update of autoyast2 4.5.9 added the necessary packages for kdump even when a kdump section is not defined if the product enabled kdump by default. A couple patches were removed from llvm15 15.0.5 and a support function mocking on Node.js test runner was made with the nodejs19 19.1.0 update. The audio package update of pipewire 0.3.60 added a patch from upstream that fixes some devices that don’t seem to work in 48,000Hz, and a new Real-time Transport Protocol module was added with a sender and receiver that is compatible with the PulseAudio RTP modules. A 4.17.3+git update of samba fixed a Common Vulnerability and Exposure that had a buffer overflow on 32-bit systems.

To end the week, a discussion has been started on the openSUSE fatory mailing list about coming changes to the distro’s microarchitecture level specific to x86-64. News about this discussion and a path forward will be published next week.

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