KDE Gear, Grep, GTK4 update in Tumbleweed

28. Apr 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

KDE Gear, Grep, GTK4 update in Tumbleweed

This week’s openSUSE Tumbleweed had a decent amount of software packages in each snapshot.

The rolling release updated applications for both GNOME and KDE, with several KDE Qt5 Patch Collection packages and command-line utility grep receiving updates.

Just a few packages updated in the latest snapshot, 20230426. The changes in firewalld 1.3.2 were minimal but for testing functions, which two were related to iptables. The 20230425 version was the second update of the week for the selinux-policy package. This package added a policy for wtmpdb, which will provide a more accurate calculation of boot time. Two other packages to update in the snapshot were a 2.4.0 version of 389-ds and version of numactl.

Facebook’s fast compression algorithm package zstd updated to version 1.5.5 in snapshot 20230425. The package fixed a rare corruption bug affecting the high compression mode and it no longer crashes when requested to write into a write-protected directory. An update of glib2 2.76.2 updated Unicode normalization tests from Unicode 15 and the package fixed various build failures with less common setups. An update of container-selinux updated to version 2.211.0. The package allows the daemon to send dbus messages to container type spc_t. User of GNOME received some updated documentation with gnome-user-docs 44.1, which updated translations and improvies help for GNOME. Its image viewer Eye of GNOME also updated to 44.1; this minor version updated translations and fixed a Segfault when switching between animated webp images.

More than 20 KDE Qt5 Patch Collection packages updated in snapshot 20230424, but the update of KDE Gear 23.04.0 was enormous and it brought several new arrivals. Tokodon brings the Mastodon federated social media platform to users’ fingertips. This application lets users read, post, and message and new features are available to see previous messages when replying. It also has the ability to send polls to followers. Youtube is now visible on the desktop thanks to AudioTube. The player had a visual redesign and new icon. Video editor Kdenlive added some new features to select several clips from your tracks and group them together; it will treat the group as one single sequence. There were several other changes, so read the release announcement. An update of shotwell 032.0 added JPEG XL support for GNOME’s photo manager. It also fixes generating video thumbnails if debugging is enabled. An update of GTK4 fixes issues with slow-loading files in the file chooser and fixes a positioning regression. Other fixes to come with the gtk4 4.10.3 release were fixing app crashes related to Wayland and holding Ctrl to select multiple files broken in the filechooser. Several other packages updated in the snapshot including yast2-trans, coreutils 9.3, gnome-remote-desktop 44.1 and more.

GNOME also had updates in snapshot 20230422. An update of both gnome-software and gnome-control-center to version 44.1. The software package had firmware state update fixes and a fix for reference information related to PackageKit apps, while the control-center offered some fixes related to network sharing and connections. The Linux Kernel had an update; kernel-source 6.2.12 brought some access for nvme-pci storage changes and a changed that fixes kernel panic with the Intel Integrated Sensor Hub. The kernel also had some additions for both Lenovo and Acer Aspire machines. Mozilla Firefox updated to 112.0.1 an fixed a bug where cookie dates appear to be set in the far future after an update, which may have caused the cookies to be purged unintentionally. NetworkManager updated to version 1.42.6. The package improves wifi hotspot functionality, setting for the wifi roam policy and fixed the assertion failure related to DHCP renewals. The 9.18.14 update of Domain Name System software bind fixes several bugs that cause naming to crash during catalog zone processing. It also removed several features. Other packages to update in the snapshot were gpgme 1.20.0, libsoup 3.4.1, evolution 3.48.1 and many other packages.

An update of ffmpeg-4 4.4.4 landed in the 20230421 snapshot. The cross-platform video and audio solution dropped a few Common Vulnerability and Exposure patches, fixed some behavior with fractional frame rates and restructured slice coordinated reading. The newer ffmpeg-5 5.1.3 version had similar fixes like dropping a patch for CVE-2022-3964 thanks to an upstream fix. Some audio/visual formats were changed like one to offset and avoid an integer overflow. An update of grep 3.10 arrived in the snapshot and it had some changes to match digits strings, for example Arabic script ٠١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩, which is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 respectively. This snapshot from last Friday also updated packages like ncurses 6.4.20230418, pam, selinux-policy 20230420 and several other packages.

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