Britty, LibreOffice, OpenVPN Update in Tumbleweed

24. Aug 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Britty, LibreOffice, OpenVPN Update in Tumbleweed

This week’s openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshot updates remained steady and small other than the release of KDE Frameworks 5.109.0 in one of the snapshots.

Daily snapshots were released this week other than the exception of one.

The refreshable braille display package snapshot brltty 6.6 updated in snapshot 20230822, the introduced patches and updated the Application Programming Interface to enhance the BrlAPI service. The update addresses compatibility issues with Cython 3.0 to resolve a crash related to object finalization APIs. An update to libreoffice brought several enhancements to include a convenient Page Number Wizard and improvements in paragraph style. The character properties from .DOCX to .ODT filename extensions were retained, and a new citation handling feature was introduced. Calc spreadsheet had fixes for conditional border color export, added support for drawing styles for shapes and comments and improved formula input. There were some enhancements for fontwork and improvement to the navigation panel for presentations with Impress and Draw. An update to the yast2-trans package update had Latvian and Catalan language updates via Weblate.

Snapshot 20230821 had two weeks worth of updates bringing in kernel-firmware 20230814. This update included various enhancements and additions to include updates for the AMDgpu Display MicroController Unit B’s for different Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), cirrus firmware for HP G11 models, and updates to Mellanox and RTL chipsets. The library that helps create and query binary XML blobs, libxmlb updated to version 0.3.13 and brought optimizations and improvements for content type detection like using indexes for binding values and bringing faster queries through inlining machine internals. The rebootmgr 2.1 package introduced support for the systemctl soft-reboot command and fixed the spec description. The rubygem-moneta 1.6.0 package saw numerous changes, including support for Rails 6.1 and above. This package also drops support for Ruby versions 2.3 and 2.4 while adding support for version 3. A few more packages updated in the snapshot including sysvinit 3.08, libfprint 1.94.6 and others.

KDE Frameworks 5.109.0 arrived in snapshot 20230819 along with one other package. An update of the file indexing and file search framework for KDE’s Plasma, known as Baloo, had some significant improvements; this includes additions to sorting order options in BalooSearch, a reduction of file-system dependencies in multiple tests, and it had the removal of the proxy for the obsolete org.kde.baloo interface, which streamlines the codebase and promotes a more maintainable system. KIO introduces improvements for utilizing switcheroo-control to locate discrete GPUs for enhanced functionality. Changes were also made for KFileWidget to better handle absolute URL cases and extract URLs using targetUrl. Kirigami provided a change in the Navigation Tab Bar to address a bug and the framework package had enhancements to ensure uppercase initials are consistently used. With KTextEditor changes were made for completion feature so that only the starting characters of items are matched. The package also addressed an issue with erratic cursor movement. The other package to update in the snapshot was the kernel module VirtualBox, virtualbox-kmp; the update includes crucial fixes to address issues related to flexible arrays in Linux Kernel versions 6.5. The fix was implemented to address breakage and address concerns highlighted in issues boo#1212761 and boo#1214391.

The 2.6.6 openvpn version arrived in snapshot 20230818, which addressed a typographical error in the LIBCAPNG_CFALGS configuration. The update enhances error messages for tls-crypt-v2 client authentication failures and improves IPv6 route handling on Android. Several other enhancements were made like better unit test handling. The web browser Mozilla Firefox resolved some issues in the 116.0.3 update. The update fixes a problem that impacts origin private file system (OPFS) users; this restores access to files that had been cached locally in a previous version. The update also addresses a screen sharing issue on Wayland and fixes a hang that occurs when conducting a Google search. An update was made to python-numpy 1.25.2, which upgrades build dependencies, and shadow 4.14.0, which introduces new options such as enable-logind and --prefix for various commands. A few other packages were updated.

The snapshot kicking off the week was 20230817. This snapshot had a 9.18.18 bind update. A notable change includes a behavior update where if a primary server for a zone responds to an Start of Authority (SOA) query but the subsequent TCP connection required to transfer the zone is refused or timed out, the server is marked as temporarily unreachable, which prevents excessive queuing of zones on unreachable servers and expedites the refresh process. Another package to update in the snapshot was the system’s time clock synchronisation package chrony 4.4, which introduces support for multiple refclocks using the extpps option and adds the maxpoll option to the hwtimestamp directive. Other packages to update were libzypp 17.31.19, which addresses build compatibility with the Clang compiler, gnome-bluetooth 42.6, less 643 and more.

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