Selecting the New Face of openSUSE is Underway

23. Nov 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Selecting the New Face of openSUSE is Underway

The openSUSE community’s logo contest submission phase is now complete and voting for the logos has begun.

This competition marks a pivotal moment for openSUSE and the voting goes until Dec. 10.

Before making any selections, people are encouraged to visit and view the logos before voting.

The number of submissions speaks volumes about the community’s enthusiasm and engagement with 18 submissions for Kalpa, 24 submissions for Slowroll, 21 submissions for Leap, 32 submissions for Tumbleweed and an impressive 36 submissions for a potential new openSUSE logo.

The submissions symbolizes the collaborative spirit within open-source communities and showcases the diverse set of ideas and creativity from contributors around the world. Brand image can influence user perception and community engagement in open-source projects, and a big THANK YOU goes out to all the people who submitted a logo design.

While the project had several chameleon-inspired designs, the distribution’s submissions varied in concepts and styles. The intent of the competition was to have the submitted logo designs depict a unified brand for the openSUSE Project.

New openSUSE distribution logos like Leap Micro, Aeon, and MicroOS are designed with simple shapes and lines for uniqueness and interest, which were typically empty outlines. Some submissions did fulfill this design concept. It’s important to note that although Leap Micro, Aeon, and MicroOS are mentioned, new logos for these were not part of competition. However, these can be affected by a generalized theme.

The person doing the branding changes and maintenance has a say in any changes. The ultimate brand decision will rest with members of the project doing the implementation, but the results from this logo competition will provide an expressed opinion of the brand identity project wide.

Winners of the contest will be announced following the vote tally and will be sent a “Geeko Mystery Box” as a token of appreciation for their contributions.

Last month the community announced a logo competition for a new openSUSE logo as well as four openSUSE distributions; Tumbleweed, Leap, Slowroll and Kalpa.

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