One Year of openSUSE News

19. Jul 2008 | News Team | No License

Exactly one year ago the openSUSE News site went live to provide users with the latest news and an event calendar. 19 authors posting under their own names and some one-time contributors wrote 246 stories (of which 122 were submitted to Digg) and filled the calendar with 170 entries. With the integration of the news feed into the Wiki and the release announcements the generated traffic grew and the site is now one of the busiest sites hosted by Novell.

The site has also served as a podium for some popular series, such as:

The top three stories by number of comments:

Stories were rated 4965 times with an average score of 4.54, the most voted stories:

Thanks to all authors and commenters for making openSUSE News the best and most lively distribution news portal! :-)



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