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Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 3 Now Available

October 22nd, 2008 by

The openSUSE Project is proud to announce the availability of beta 3 of the 11.1 release. It’s a few days late, but much better for the delay. Beta 3 is now available for immediate download and testing.

As mentioned on news.opensuse.org, this release was delayed significantly by the power outage in Nuremberg over the weekend of October 11th.

Important: Call for Testing
We all want openSUSE 11.1 to be the best release yet, and we need your help to get there. This release is ready for widespread testing, and we’re encouraging everyone to download and test the beta release. Please run the release through your usual routine, and let us know about any bugs or other issues that you find. Remember that this is a beta release, and is not suitable for use on production systems, however.

We have a page of new features specific to openSUSE 11.1 here: http://en.opensuse.org/Testing:Features_11.1 This is a definitive list of new features added into 11.1 that need testing.

Please use this page to identify and test new features — and then mark them complete when you’ve finished testing.

See openSUSE.org/Testing for more information on Testing.

To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, and join the openSUSE-Factory channel #on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

What’s changed since beta 2?
Major changes in this release include:

  • Live CDs for x86 and GNOME and KDE
  • OpenOffice.org 3.0
  • Mono 2.0 Final
  • Linux (fixes e1000e issue)
  • CUPS 1.3.9
  • Parts of 11.1 branding are now in place
  • Amarok 2.0 beta 2
  • Banshee 1.3.2
  • GNOME 2.24

Installing openSUSE 11.1 beta 3 on Mac OS X machines should work fine.  Previous openSUSE releases would not write the partition table correctly to the MBR, but it should now be possible to install openSUSE on Macs more easily.

KVM is broken in this release due to a kernel configuration change before beta 3. It should be working in the next release.

OpenOffice.org 3.0 integration continues and should be much better in this release. The most annoying bugs with missing icons, broken dialogs, Java registration, and others should be fixed. However, a few bugs remain, and new ones have been reported. Current issues include:

  • KDE and GNOME integration is ignored (bnc#433076)
  • GNOME quickstarter does not work (bnc#434778)
  • localized strings are not updated from extra sources
  • optional packages are not really optional because the registry files are not spread correctly
  • the user configuration includes symlinks to /usr/share/ooo3 instead of that real files; it might be a feature but it might also cause problems in the future.
  • pyuno components are still not registered
  • Suse-puzzler.xls works only partly; e.h. “Sneaky Peak” or “About” works but the “Shuffle” does nohing. Also, pieces can’t be moved by mouse.
  • some missing hacks from ooo-build/bin/package-ooo and older OOo.spec
  • missing OOo-sdk compat stuff (to build voiko…, bnc#428403)

See DistroWatch for an expanded list of packages being shipped in the Factory distribution.

Media and Download
The 11.1 beta is just one of the releases that will lead to the final 11.1 release. You can find the entire roadmap on the openSUSE wiki: http://en.opensuse.org/Roadmap. Downloads are available here:


See http://en.opensuse.org/Mirror_Selection for a full list of mirrors. Note that you don’t need to choose a mirror yourself, but you can use the mirror list if you want or need to select a mirror manually.

Most Annoying Bugs
* no x86_64 LiveCDs available
* no PPC ISOs available (due to Bug #431945)
* Bug #432732: yast2-x11: Broken xorg.conf written during installation (GeForce 6200TC/7300LE/7300SE/Go 7300, Intel 965G/965GM, Radeon, vmware). Workaround: Use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to console, login as root, init 3, sax2 -r, init 5.
* Bug #436949: screensaver crashes gdm
* Bug #437411: su and console login do not work. Workaround: sudo vi /etc/pam.d/common-auth and remove the pam_fp line. We will release a test update.
* Bug #428963: dbus-1 session bus connection policy bug / was gnomesu.  We will release a test update.
* Bug #436835: sbl installed and running by default
* Bug #436524: GDM autologin – somewhat broken …
* XEN does not work [a huge number of bug reports]

Future Release Announcements
Note to openSUSE contributors: If you have any changes or features to call out for future release announcements, please send an email to Zonker (zonker@opensuse.org) with any information that should be in that announcement. (Preferably at least two days before the scheduled release.

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40 Responses to “Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 Beta 3 Now Available”

  1. chris

    I’m really glad to read that you guys are also working torwards online dist-upgrade. Still one of the few advantages Ubuntu has over openSuse.

  2. Thank you guys for doing a great job with OpenSuse. I was eager to see the final version of Mono 2 in my favorite distro!

  3. R. J.

    Thanks for the release.

    Just a question. In Yast Software Manager, it used to say when downloading packages how many packages were downloading, the size and the estimated time it would take, now it just gives the size and the time, will the package count be put back into it before the final release.

  4. Alexander

    hello! because he is not being shown screenshots of opensuse 11,1 as he was done in the previous versions?

  5. Once again I tried to use Ktorrent to bring down a copy of the Beta. Once again all I got was ‘Stalled’. So I went to the site suggested by Chris last time and once again, after changing the 2 to a 3, and after 3 hours I had my own copy of the new Beta. Address is:
    Evidently the torrent is working for others cause I have started mine and it is ‘Seeding’ to others. Can’t get via the torrent but I can share. :-)
    Have fun,

  6. rushman

    Is there a problem with the download server? Neither Aria, Bit tornado,kget will download a torrent.
    I was able to download the live CD. It installed without problem.
    I do not care for the small window Desktop Folder.

    i like what i see so far,Thanks for all the time and effot


    • R. J.

      you have complete control over your desktop so you can change away from the containment folder on the desktop to the normal type of desktop.

  7. William Schkzamian

    OpenSuse is be the best Linux !.

  8. VintagePC

    How come the garbage behind tray icons is not in the list of most annoying bugs? It’s been there since 11.0, and it was still there in the beta I downloaded… Or is that an upstream bug in KDE4 itself?

    • jj

      I agree. When the whole system is in 32 bit the trey should be able to have transparent icons! It’s so ugly right now.

    • R. J.

      it’s a very minor thing, why would it be a most annoying bug? And have you filed a bug report so OpenSUSE or/And KDE know about it?

      • VintagePC

        I’m almost certain I’ve seen a bug report for it already… No sense in re-reporting it to the developers, it would only annoy them- they know about it. I only assumed it should be most annoying since it hasn’t been squashed yet, and yet it is as you say, a “minor” thing.

        • Jarl E. Gjessing

          I have seen the bug being filed too. I think I’ve seen that it is expected to be fixed in KDE 4.2. But how this can bee the most annoying bug is far beyond me. It is annoying, but its more annoying that programs crashes etc.

  9. jj

    Looking good. Now if you could just get rid of that new wallpaper with those distracting bright green lines.

    • Bobby

      I agree with you about the wallpaper. I tried Mandriva recently and I was a bit surprised at the nice themes and wallpapers that they use. openSuse still has a few things to do when it comes to wallpapers and themes – too much bright green. I love Suse, it’s a great distro but it would even be better if it had default themes/wallpapers (especially the boot screen) that’s easy on the eyes. I know that one can change that all but imagine a newbie installing openSuse for the first time. First impression lasts.

      • R. J.

        what’s easy on the eyes for one person is ugly to another. Most people simply change their theme and wallpaper to suit their tastes. When I first came to linux which was opensuse, coming from windows, I had no problem with it and my first impression was that OpenSUSE was great. So again, what you don’t like, others will love. You can’t please everybody

  10. I really like the looks of this latest install. Very professional and smooth.

    Kicked my processor into hyper drive quite a few times. Should mention that at
    the beginning of the Update it found my Dual Processor and listed it as 2. Good
    Job. And this is inside VMware.

    Well, we have a problem. In “Finishing Basic Installation” it popped up an Error
    dialog box stating:
    “Connecting to the inst-sys failed, debugger cannot continue.”
    Only option was to click on “Ok”. Which I did and the installation/update
    continued. Hmmmmm… well sorta continued. It was setting up or Initalizing the
    boot loader. It got to 50% and is hanging there. I seem to remember reading
    about someone else having this same problem. My only option was to Power Off the
    Virtual machine and then restart it. It booted up in SuSE Beta 3.

    An update was requested. Took a long time but it finally finished. Then it
    restarted. Well, no it just finished. No restart so I did one… just because.

    I don’t understand why the Devs can’t understand about the missing right clicks on
    the task bar. Course the Docs couldn’t understand my “fire breaths” terminolgy
    either… when I was having a heart attack. Guess I just don’t use the correct
    terminology. The area I am talking about is at the bottom of the screen. The bars
    or panels that display the progs in use. Also have some symbols for home,
    konqueror, the clock, signoff/lock…etc. You can supposedly Right click on this
    area and make custom changes… or at least used to. It is presently not working
    in KDE3 or KDE4 of openSuSE 11.1 Beta 2 & 3.

    I have VMware Tools installed from a previous release.(Beta2) In KDE3 of Beta3 it
    appears to be Ok. In KDE4 of Beta3 it is a Leaflet Box with a question mark…matter of fact
    so is the Printer and Trash Can. They are OK in KDE3.

    I have not executed the VMwareTools so that this test can be free from any outside
    interferences. This release has enough troubles of its own.

    The person unhappy about the Green screen must be using KDE3 cause KDE4 is Blue
    with no lines. The complaint is invalid anyway. That is an easy user change in
    both versions of KDE. In 4 you right click on an open area of the screen and then
    select Desktop Settings. In KDE3 you also right click on an open area of the
    screen only this time you select Configure Desktop. You then pick any background
    screen that you desire.

    As for KDE4, the only way I could get anything to operate off of my desktop was
    to first right click on the icon, get the menu, select open and click on it. The
    items I am talking about were Firefox, My Computer, Office, Online Help and
    openSUSE. All left clicking did was hi-lite the icon. Nothing else. I opened
    Office and clicked on Text Document. I was able to type in some text BUT when I
    tried to select any of the ‘Text’ menus across the top, they only flashed. No
    menus would present themselves. Right OR Left would not work. However, if I
    clicked on the Floppy Image it did present me with a save dialog. Looks like the
    symbolic icons work but not the textual ones. I could Right click on the Tool Bar
    and get a Customization menu inside OpenOffice Writer. So it half works.

    Switched back to KDE3 (another reason for NO Auto Signon). Left clicking on ‘My
    Computer’ gets me two instances of it. Left clicking on ‘OpenOffice’ will bring it
    up and then the ops are essentially the same as decribed above. Must be the same
    copy. I clicked on Firefox and it tried to start two instances of it. Firefox
    complained about the second instance. Click on openSuSE icon and got two instances
    of it. The same for the other icons on my desktop.

    Down on the taskbar I clicked on the House for my home dir and it worked normally
    in KDE3. In KDE4 it brought up Konqueror but I couldn’t do anything but look at
    the pretty icons. Clicking on them did nothing.

    In Dolphin under KDE4, once again the Textual Menus across the top would not
    work, only flashed. The iconic symbols across the top did work.

    Special note: I do like how the symbol folder changes from a Blue one with a
    house to a Red one when you are in Root or not…in Dolphin.

    Still have the wrong default settings for the Window Title bar. If you click and
    hold on the title bar, like you are supposed to, so that you can move the window,
    it will expand to max size. Clicking and holding on it again will reduce the size
    back to normal and allow you to move it. This is only happening in KDE4. KDE3
    works properly in this respect.

    Yes i have submitted bug reports…in Beta2…but evidently they were not
    understood. So, I am presenting them here in hopes that IF someone else is
    experiencing the same thing you can also report it and maybe in a more
    understandable way… so we get them fixed before December.

  11. gavinto

    Quick question. First time I’ve ever used LiveCDs to test before (usu I cross my fingers and toes and do a full blown install of a “mature” beta). Should soundcards and wireless cards be properly detected and configure when using LiveCDs?

    Wireless under 11.0 works via process in Julys Lizard :http://lizards.opensuse.org/2008/07/

    Sound unfortunately has never worked for my laptop (though someone in fedoraland got it tow work with alsa 1.0.14)

    Under the 11.1B3 Live CD neither sound nor wireless “works out of box”

    Just thought I’d ask (and see if anyone else with similar hardware has had success), before I bug developers with bugs.

  12. rushman

    After 3 tries I have given up trying to download the DVD.
    However the live CD works but does not give any updates.

    Is there a repo that will update me to the DVD?

    I have tried the ones in 11.0 but are not accepted by Yast

    Thanks Jim

    • You didn’t say how you were trying to get it but I assume that you were trying the torrent. Check the 5th comment above for another way to get the DVD.

  13. Doug Siew

    I donwloaded 11.0 and test ran it on my Dell Latitude D620 and loved the interface and functions. However I have to turn back to 10.3 becuase the IPsec VPN client is not working.

    In openSUSE 11.0, I had problem with IPsec and Nortel Plugin using NetworkManager for VPN connection. The connection can be established but no client address was registered in the /etc/resolv.conf file. I’ve checked the logs in the Nortel Contivity box and knew that a client IP was given out, but openSUSE somehow did not receive or register it properly. I am not sure where the problem lies. Is there a problem with racoond? NetworkManager 0.7? the IP stack in openSUSE 11.0? DHCP client? I don’t know, can’t figure out. I tried updated to latest updates of all relevant packages and still the problem persist. Hope 11.1 solves this problem.

  14. grsuse

    hi guys…. i cant install suse 11.1 beta 3. i think it cant configure the “X”.it stops there and then my screen appears different colors

  15. rushman

    Live Cd beta 3,

    updater error’s,
    Package kit error.
    repo config error
    repo-non-oss not cached,
    Valid metadata not found.

    But the update if done manually

    regards jim

  16. Will the final Version of OpenSuse 11.1 include the new Kernel 2.6.28 and will ext4 be the default file system?

  17. Dich

    neither KDE4 nore GNOME versions of LiveCD worked in VirtualBox (11.0 KDE4 works fine).
    Anyone has an idea? (yes I will check the forums, too, but maybe makes sense to ask here, too)

  18. rushman

    64 bit dvd,

    Install was fine and quick.

    No update repo installed.
    manual in stall of the repo locks up yast it keeps the repo open.

    Kaffine stops libxine from installing, delete Kaffine,it installs the libs Ok,
    install xine ui and multimedia works fine.

    icon panel changes its layout sometimes when deleting an icon.

    11.1 Love It


  19. rushman

    64 bit dvd,

    epson usb RX 520 seen but unable to install, error no drivers


  20. ll

    Does anyone know if 11.1 will include support for the Intel 5100 AGN wireless chipset? Supposedly there are drivers available for the 2.6.27 kernel. This chipset seems very common in new laptops these days.

  21. Jeff

    Sorry if this has been asked before… I don’t see an answer floating around anywhere.

    What are the chances that when 11.1 goes gold it’ll be offered as an .img file? I’ve got an Aspire One (read: compy with no optical drive). With only .iso’s available, I have to jump through a fair amount of hoops to get a different OS on the thing (since I don’t feel like spending money on an external drive that will only be used for this purpose).

    It seems like the one thing Ubuntu has on openSUSE. Ignoring the fact that it’s only available for the (half-baked) Netbook Edition of Ubuntu, it’s a pretty deal.

  22. susegebr

    kernel installed on opensuse 11.0 had bigtime troubles with my webcam Starcam 0c45 60fc.
    not a single webcam streaming program is working either they dont see the webcam or complain about mjpg-codec missing

    the old gspca driver was working wel all the webcam stream programs working out of the box wxcam cheese camorama

    So for 2.6.27..x.x. and on give a gspca driver as rpm pakket as with open suse 11.0 so we can delete gspca from lib/modules/kernel/drivers/media they are complete shit

  23. Senthil Nachimuthu

    Is NetworkManager-novellvpn-kde.rpm included in 11.1? It’s not included in OpenSuse 11. This is a showstopper because I need this to connect to Nortel VPN at work. This is covered in bug # 400710 which has been outstanding for four months. Please, please, please fix this soon and include it in OpenSuse 11.1.

  24. ScottC

    I was wondering what the long term future of OpenSuse has in store for their current reliance on KDE and Gnome desktop integration and development. I think the discussion should start now by Novell.de on what they see their future is in their current reliance and offerings of the two desktops. Whilst I would not want to re-discover the wheel – Is there room or a possibility we may one day see a single desktop and Yast Module ALL created and developed by Novell.de under the OpenSuse and SLED/SLES badge?

  25. Hi All,

    I think that I’ll buy the box set.

    When / where can I order it?

    Phoenix, Arizona