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Release Tomorrow, and More Good Signs …

December 17th, 2008 by

Tomorrow is the big day! So some might wonder what exactly will happen … Basically we turn on the headless chicken mode and waiting that our servers will melt away :-)

Not this time! ™. The plan is to release openSUSE 11.1 at 14:00 CET (13:00 GMT) . We added 3 quadcore servers to the wiki farm and Peter tweaked the configuration. Anyway, even with the new servers you should not go to the wiki to download it or wait for the announcement.

If you want to download openSUSE 11.1 tomorrow, use http://software.opensuse.org

Why? The server can handle the load quite well as we saw in the last release, and if you download it in the first 30 hours from software.o.o you should get an akamai mirror which is really fast. If this is not working, which I doubt, please read the article Peter wrote on lizards.o.o.

And after the release? Install it, tell friends about it! Blog, digg it, whatever you can do to make this the most awesome release ever!

Don’t forget the release parties; if there is not one in your area, I will try to stream some videos from ours. I try, because I’m quite sick and I’m not even sure if I can attend our party :-(

There is also a facebook event; if you attend a party, or make your own private one alone, post some pictures or videos.

So what is the other good sign? Some people already have the box, thanks Salid for the picture!


This is done through the mobbles radar, which, parents should know, is a completely optional way of catching mobbles

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92 Responses to “Release Tomorrow, and More Good Signs …”

  1. Skipper

    is i586 the same thing as i386 ?

    I have a p4 2.8GHz and its not 64Bit

    older computer from 2004

  2. Richard

    Ahhhhhh !!! here I am 13:00gmt and its just changed to T-01.

    Am I missing something !

    The wait is tooooo much ….

  3. Skipper

    Dont worry that will happen at 9:00 Ontario Time :)

  4. Amic

    Its 14:20 GMT+1 And its T0-1 :<. How much time i have to wait? (its 13:20 GMT+0)

  5. Skipper


    you can download in less then 45 minits

    • Amic

      Thanks ;). Im waiting for it. I hope servers wont be overloaded so much.

      Greetings from Poland. Amic

      • Amic

        Yes! Its out. I will have it in 6.5 hours ;). I hope it wont take longer, and my ATI card will now install good :p.

  6. b0neDaddy


  7. Skipper

    53% :)

  8. Amic

    YES. And he is from Canada i think :p.and my transfer is … 200 kb/s :<. I will download it for 6 hours .

    • Bobby

      I have 340 kb/s and 60%. Downloading from a local site right here in Germany, the home of openSuse :)

  9. Serg

    Downloading…. Thanks from Russia :))

  10. Petri Asikainen

    Jutst get home from work and find out that my Factory repos were updated automatically to 11.1 repos. Wow. Thats the way to do it!

    I’m just “zypper dup” away from 11.1 :)



  11. Ahmed

    Yesterday I posted about the delay, the moderator of this forum deleted my entry, I have to ask him Why?
    and again here is a copy of the email
    Thank you for ordering on Novell. The date when the product that you Pre-Ordered will be released has been changed.
    The product listed below will now be available on January 5, 2009
    Is this a hoax email?

  12. The benefits of being a beta tester and contributing bug reports: