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openSUSE Conference Set for September 17-20 in Nuremberg

March 31st, 2009 by

The openSUSE Project will be having its first full-on contributor’s conference this September in beautiful Nuremberg, Germany.

There’s still a lot of planning to be done, but we want to get the word out that the conference will take place from September 17 through September 20. Mark your calendars, buy your tickets, and start packing…

The most important details:

  • Date: September 17 – 20, 2009
  • Location: Nuremberg, Germany
  • Cost to attend: None – free to attend
  • Dress code: None – but you have to wear clothes

Additional details can be found (or are forthcoming) on the openSUSE wiki.

If you’re interested in being part of the conference team, speak up on the opensuse-marketing mailing list. We’re looking for contributors to help with speaker selection, event staff, video recording talks and sessions, and much more. See the wiki for more help, and add your name if you’re interested in being part of the conference team.

We’ll be starting the call for presentations on April 14th.

The conference will not be all talks and no work: There will be plenty of time for breakout sessions, birds of a feather, and hacking sessions.

Google Summer of Code Update

March 31st, 2009 by

If you’re still thinking about submitting an application for the openSUSE Project (or, actually, any project) for Google Summer of Code – the deadline is Friday, April 3rd at 19:00 UTC.

However, please don’t wait until the last minute! Leslie Hawthorn has sent out the following to the GSoC mentor’s list:

Right now, we have about 2x the students registered on the site as we
do number of proposals submitted. No doubt some of these student
registrations are “spam” from folks who won’t be submitting proposals.
However, I am also hearing things like “We have six applications
submitted to the GSoC 2009 site but we’re discussing another 20 or so
in our forums.”

I realize that many organizations are working with students to refine
their proposal ideas on their mailing lists, wikis, etc. However, a
proposal on a wiki, mailing list, etc. does not constitute an actual
application for the program; the proposal must be submitted to the
GSoC 2009 site. While doing review and refinement outside of
http://socghop.appspot.com is a useful exercise, it doesn’t allow us
to accurately gauge the number of student proposals we’re receiving
for GSoC 2009.

Please help us get an accurate sense of how many proposals will be
submitted for GSoC 2009 by asking your students to submit their
proposals to the GSoC 2009 site *now*. They are welcome to link to the
wiki page, mailing list thread, forum topic, etc. where their
proposals are under discussion and refinement as part of the proposal
submission process.[0]

In case folks are wondering, we want to get this data so we can decide
if it’s worthwhile to extend the student application deadline. We’re
pretty much set on “no, we won’t be extending the deadline,” but we
need better data so we can assess if a deadline extension would be a
good thing to do. We’re still anticipating the usual “near to deadline
application submission rush” that we see every year but we’d like to
get a more accurate proposal count sooner rather than later.

Questions? Ask on the opensuse-project mailing list or in #opensuse-project or #opensuse-gsoc on IRC (Freenode). If you have general GSoC questions, you can also ask in #gsoc on Freenode, where many of the Google folks hang out and are extremely responsive.

openSUSE Project at LinuxExpo in Prague

March 31st, 2009 by

The openSUSE Project is bringing the green to Prague in April! The openSUSE Project will have a booth, demos, and several presentations at the LinuxExpo in Prague, April 15 and 16th at the Hotel Olympik Artemis.

LinuxExpo is billed as the largest exhibition and conference for Linux and FOSS in Central Europe. VIP entry to the Expo is CZK 1,300, or CZK 1,200 if you register on the Web site. Other prices apply to one day entry, or for passes that don’t come with materials and lunch.


In addition to openSUSE demos at the booth, openSUSE contributors will be giving two presentations as part of the LinuxExpo Programme.

Network Installation Fast and Simple: Katarína Machálková and Michal Žugec will be demonstrating using the network installation, installing to network disks (iSCSI), and remote installation over SSH. The presentation will also cover automatic installations with AutoYaST.

Making a Custom openSUSE Distro: Michal Hrušecký and Marek Stopka will cover use of the openSUSE Build Service, creating your own packages, cooperation with packaging team members, and creation of custom distros using SUSE Studio.

openSUSE Discs and Giveaways

We’ll have openSUSE 11.1 DVDs available at the booth, as well as openSUSE t-shirts, stickers, and more.

Interested in Helping?

Want to help with the booth at LinuxExpo? Contact Katerina Olsakova to make arrangements to get an openSUSE shirt and set up a schedule to meet and greet at the openSUSE booth.

More info on the LinuxExpo can be found in English and in Czech on the LinuxExpo Web site.

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 65

March 28th, 2009 by

news    Issue #65 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • Update on iFolder
  • openSUSE Weekly News @ RadioTux.de
  • People of openSUSE is back
  • OpenSource meet Business
  • My GIMP Tutorial and Resource

The openSUSE Weekly News is available in:

Italian (delay),
Polish (delay),
Russian (delay),
Spanish and
Swedish (delay).

openSUSE Weekly News @ RadioTux.de (live/podcast)

March 26th, 2009 by

We’re pleased to announce that as of today the great team of RadioTux will include a summary of openSUSE Weekly News in their German-speaking podcast “Radiotux@HoRads”. It’s planned to make this a fixed part of the shows. Air date will be today between 18:00 CET and 19:30 CET.

So here are the links:
* http://blog.radiotux.de/ – link to RadioTux
* http://blog.radiotux.de/play LIVE
* http://blog.radiotux.de/podcasts – link to the podcasts/archive

People of openSUSE is back

March 25th, 2009 by

We will start new round of People of openSUSE interviews with openSUSE community members. Just as before, the aim is to make you familiar with people behind openSUSE project.

We will attempt to give fair share to each part of openSUSE activity, addresing developers, testers, document writers, translators, art creators, user support on IRC, mail lists and forums, in marketing and many more. Most of them are known names, but we will also try to reach people that are not exposed to world wide public, but have significant contributions to openSUSE. They can be active in local user groups, or in languages other than English.

For this group we need your proposals with description of activity, some way to verify that, the way to contact person and translator if they don’t use English. You can file proposals on People of openSUSE, or you can subscribe to opensuse-marketing@opensuse.org and post proposal there. To subscribe please use links posted on the openSUSE wiki.

openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 64

March 25th, 2009 by

news    Issue #64 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • openSUSE Build Service 1.5 Announced
  • Gabriel Stein: SuSE-Studio – Quick and Easier
  • Joe Brockmeier: openSUSE Project Accepted to Google Summer of Code 2009
  • mendesdomnic: Package Management Quick Reference
  • Survey: Is openSUSE Developer Friendly?

The openSUSE Weekly News is available in:

Chinese (delay),
Italian (delay),
Russian (delay),
Spanish and
Swedish (delay).

Reminder: openSUSE Project Meeting Tomorrow (March 25)

March 24th, 2009 by

The next openSUSE Project meeting will take place tomorrow, Wednesday March 25th at 12:00 UTC (13:00 CET) See all time zones on the Fixed Time World Clock. As always, the meeting will be held in IRC on the #opensuse-project channel on Freenode.

Please add your topics to the meeting wiki page at:


Please add topics as soon as possible. Also, if you have questions for the meeting, but can’t attend (we know that the meeting times can’t work for everyone) please add them to the agenda as well.

For more on IRC meetings, see: http://en.opensuse.org/Meetings/About.

As always, we meet in #opensuse-project on Freenode. Fire up your favorite IRC client and head over to #opensuse-project.

Not familiar with IRC? A good overview can be found at irchelp.org. This site is not affiliated with openSUSE. For more information on Freenode, see http://freenode.net/.

Wondering what meeting times are? Check the openSUSE Meetings page. All project meetings and team meetings should be listed there.

Reminder: Student Application Period for GSoC Starts Today

March 23rd, 2009 by

Quick reminder: The student application period starts today for the Google Summer of Code 2009.

(See the previous post on GSoC and openSUSE.)

If you’d like to work with openSUSE, be sure to sign up as soon as possible. The deadline is April 3rd.

Quick details:

  • You must be 18 or older by April 20, 2009 to participate.
  • You must be a student, which Google defines as:
    an individual enrolled in or accepted into an accredited institution including (but not necessarily limited to) colleges, universities, masters programs, PhD programs and undergraduate programs. Basically, you need to be enrolled in an accredited educational institution of some kind.
  • You do not need to be a computer science student.
  • You can be enrolled part-time.
  • You can take part if you’re enrolled to start college as of April 20, 2009 – even if your term hasn’t started yet. (So, if you’re enrolled for the fall, you would be eligible.)
  • You can participate again if you participated in SoC previously.
  • Time: You should plan on spending a lot of time on your project. As Google says, “you should expect your project to be your primary focus this summer. If you have a great internship starting soon or you’re planning a month long backpacking trip, you likely won’t be a good candidate for the program.”

The rest is on the Google FAQ: please do read it through!

The deadline for student applications is April 3rd. There’s also a visual timeline created by Christian Moore.

Read all the FAQ and Google documentation, but still have questions? Ask on the opensuse-project list or drop me a note.

Planet SUSE DNS Troubles

March 20th, 2009 by

Stephan Binner reported on -announce that there’s a problem with the DNS for Planet SUSE at the moment. If you’re trying to reach Planet SUSE, you can still reach it at planet.opensu.se.