Tumbleweed Rolls with Package Updates of Git, Virtualbox, OpenSSH

6. Dec 2018 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

openSUSE’s rolling release Tumbleweed had a total of five snapshots this week and is preparing for an update to the KDE Plasma 5.14.4 packages in forthcoming snapshots.

The five Tumbleweed snapshots this week brought the 5.19.5 Linux Kernel, which was the only package updated in the 20181130 snapshot. The kernel-source 4.19.5 package added a force option for the pciserial device for x86 architecture and fixed HiperSockets sniffer for s390 architecture.

The most recently released snapshot, 20181204, had more than a dozen packages updated. GNOME’s application for manage their Flickr image hosting accounts, frogr 1.5, fixed issues with the content and installation of the AppData file and moved the functionality menu. GNOME’s goffice had a version bump to 0.10.44. Various rubygem packages were updated and the most significant change was of the packages was that rubygem-pry 0.12.2 dropped support for Rubinius. Both python-boto3 1.9.57 and python-botocore 1.12.57 had multiple application programming interface (API) changes. The obs-service-set_version 0.5.11 package needed “python suff” and now allow running tests with python3.

The first snapshot to arrive in December was snapshot 20181203. Among the package changes were an update to checkmedia 4.1, which fixed digest calculation in tagmedia, GNOME’s framework for media discovery grilo 0.3.7, and distributed compiler icecream 1.2, which made load calculations better and also cleaned up the general code. A python-docutils build dependency was added with cifs-utils 6.8 and elfutils 0.175 fixed three Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures issues. Major changes came with the man 2.8.4 package. One of the changes relies on decompressors reading from their standard input rather than redundantly passing them the input file on their command line; this works better with downstream AppArmor confinement of decompressors. Virtualbox 5.2.22 fixed a regression in the Core Audio backend causing a hang when returning from host sleep when processing input buffers and webkit2gtk3 2.22.4 fixed serval crashes and rendering issues and Fix a crash when using graphics library Cairo versions between 1.15 and 1.16.0.

Snapshot 20181129 had just two KDE packages updated. Those packages were plasma-browser-integration 5.14.4 and xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.14.4. More of the Plasma 5.14.4 packages are expected in a future snapshot.

An update to Mozilla Firefox 63.0.3 was in the snapshot that started the week. The new version in Snapshot 20181128 now has WebExtensions running in its own process on Linux. Automated text and program generation tool autogen 5.18.16 enabled compiling with Guile 2.2. Various bug fixes for multiple subcommands and operations were made with the update in git 2.19.2. Mariadb 10.2.19 had a dozen CVE fixes and recommends that the default value be turned off for those using XtraBackup instead of Mariabackup. The openssh 7.9p1 package bans the use of DSA keys as certificate authorities as part of the setting of the new CASignatureAlgorithms option. The postfix 3.3.2 update now has support for openSSL 1.1.1 and TLSv1.3

All snapshots have either logged or are treading at stable with a rating of 92 or above, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

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