Entire Rebuild of Tumbleweed Brings Enormous Update

19. Mar 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Entire Rebuild of Tumbleweed Brings Enormous Update

There were few packages untouched in openSUSE’s rolling release distribution Tumbleweed this week as updates poured out of five new snapshots.

The 20210311 snapshot provided an entire rebuild of the distribution, which is something that occasionally happens.

The most recent 20210317 snapshot updated more than a half dozen packages, which included the data plotting package kplotting as the lone KDE Frameworks 5.80.0 package to update in the snapshot. A memory leak fix was made in the update of flatpak 1.10.2 and a security update in the package fixed a potential attack where a flatpak application could use custom formatted .desktop files to gain access to files on the host system. An update of systemd 246.11 fixed a void pointer arithmetic warning and moved Secure Boot logic to a new file. Other updates in the snapshot included spacenavd 0.8, python-packaging 20.9, python-scipy 1.6.1 and rtkit 0.13.

Snapshot 20210316 delivered most of the 5.80.0 Frameworks packages. Kirigami, which offers application framework components for mobile, had multiple improvements and fixes; it changed and improved the PlaceholderMessage for new Application Programming Interfaces. The Plasma Framework package ported a Plasma Style Kirigami Theme plugin to the new Kirigami API. A Flatpak manifest was also added to the Kirigami template. The snapshot brought an update of ImageMagick, which decodes HEIC images in sRGB instead of YCbCr. Mozilla Firefox 86.0.1 fixed a frequent Linux crash on the browser launch. The 5.11.6 Linux Kernel was updated in the snapshot, which had some Btrfs fixes. The kernel also enabled the headset microphone of the Acer Swift line. There was a fix for the maximum length of a password entered through a terminal with cryptsetup 2.3.5. Various fixes were made in the update of xfsprogs 5.11.0 and the Open Chinese Convert library opencc 1.1.2 added a Hong Kong Traditional Chinese conversion. A major version update of Python-hyperlink to 21.0.0 was included in the snapshot and bumped some long overdue dependencies. Other packages to update in the snapshot were gnutls 3.7.1, vim 8.2.2607 and sqlite3 3.35.0, which enhanced the .stats command to accept new arguments stmt and vmstep and causes the prepare statement statistics and only the virtual-machine step count to be shown, respectively.

Updated KDE packages appeared to be a common theme throughout the week as snapshot 20210315 provided an update of KDE Plasma 5.21.2; the Plasma Desktop update avoids using non-integer numbers as spacing and the Plasma Workspace fixed a bug that for a more graceful handling of the escape key in history view. KWin had some updates for Wayland like fixing the PrepareForSleep dbus connection and a commit that honors a NoPlugin option. A major version of rubygem-rspec-rails 5.0.0 added new fixture test support code and dropped support for Rails below 5.2. Multimedia package pipewire 0.3.23 has some critical fixes from the previous release, makes improvements in JSON parsing and encoding, and Bluetooth now supports delay adjustments. Wireshark 3.4.4 fixed one Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure that could open unsafe URLs.

Snapshot 20210312 provided some OpenPGP fixes and calendar fixes with the Mozilla Thunderbird 78.8.1 update. Data transfer package curl 7.75.0 added Hyper as a new optional HTTP backend and introduced AWS HTTP v4 Signature support. An update of btrfsprogs 5.11, which is the userspace utilities to manage btrfs filesystems, brought in a new subcommand create-control-device. The new version of bison 3.7.6 fixed the reused push parsers and table generation. The updated version of git 2.30.2 took care of a CVE that could have been fooled into running remote code during a clone. Other packages updated in the snapshot were text editor nano 5.6.1, sssd 2.4.2 and yast2 4.3.59.

Snapshot 20210311 was an entire rebuild of the Tumbleweed distribution. This snapshot also included package updates from KDE Plasma 5.21.2, but KDE Applications 20.12.3 had the most updates in in the snapshot. Video editor Kdenlive had the most enhancements in the snapshot; an enhancement included improving the handling when switching to fullscreen and there was a crash fix for group keyframe moves. Another 20.12.3 Applications update was made to the storage package Akonadi, which makes use of loose_ option prefix for the MySQL server settings. Most of the updates around the update of LibreOffice involved translation updates. Updates to brltty, php, vim, fwupd and redis were among the several packages updated in this rebuild snapshot.

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