GNOME, Plasma Releases Make Progress While Tumbleweed Rolls

1. Oct 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GNOME, Plasma Releases Make Progress While Tumbleweed Rolls

GNOME 41 has reached openSUSE Factory staging and KDE’s Plasma 5.23 is nearing a release in an openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshot as it progresses through staging.

openSUSE’s rolling release turned out four snapshots this week and updated software packages like Mesa, curl, catfish, PipeWire, Perl and more.

The 20210928 snapshot improved the transferring of data via an update of curl 7.79.1, which made it work with OpenSSH 8.7; the command line tool and library also adjusted a setup to not change connection data upon repeat invokes. An update of inkscape 1.1.1 fixed a crash and improved the startup time of the graphics editor application. Two other packages updated in the snapshot were yast2-network 4.4.26 and yast2-nfs-client 4.4.1; the latter had an update that supports systemd mount options in fstab.

With the 4.16.3 update of the file searching tool catfish, better icon updating and a sidebar background color fix was made in snapshot 20210927. Intel’s dleyna-renderer package updated to 0.7.1; this package, which allows clients to discover and manipulate Digital Media Renderers, provided a build fix and a port to the GUPnP 1.2 object-oriented framework. The desktop environment package menulibre 2.2.3 fixed making diagnostic text selectable on KDE and added support for GNOME-specific categories.

Mozilla Thunderbird 91.1.1 was released in snapshot 20210926. A menu item for disabling subject encryption for a single message was added and the printing of email messages not currently being displayed is no longer supported, which includes printing multiple messages at once. The dnsmasq 2.86 version fixed a bug that caused dnsmasq to lose track of processes forked to handle Transmission Control Protocol Domain Name System connections under heavy loads. Perl 5.34.0 added a patch to fix a build with gdbm 1.20 and fixed a memory leak in regular expression. The rendering of fullscreen zoom was optimized with the gnome-shell 40.5 update, and pipewire 0.3.37 provided some JACK stability improvements with buffer-size and sample rate changes in some apps. Other updates in the snapshot included php7 7.4.24, mousepad 0.5.7, a version bump to ceph, mutter 40.5, python-numpy 1.21.2 and a few updates to YaST packages.

The 20210924 snapshot brought an update of Mesa 21.2.2; the 3D graphics package provides some bug fixes and a ton of work went into getting panfrost closer to being conformant. The creation suite ImageMagick fixed some color conversions and added an option to read a thumbnail of a raw Image and store it as a profile called dng:thumbnail. Chat client pidgin 2.14.7 removed some obsolete translations and fixed a couple leaks. Other packages to update in the snapshot were bubblewrap 0.5.0, webkit2gtk3 2.32.4, gnome-control-center 40.1 and libstorage-ng 4.4.37.

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