Version Control Tool, IRC Client Update in Tumbleweed

4. Feb 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Version Control Tool, IRC Client Update in Tumbleweed

This week openSUSE Tumbleweed had a steady pace of snapshots with four releases users could #zypper dup their system into, which brought updates for an Internet Relay Chat client and a new default version of Ruby .

Version Control package git updated in snapshot 20220201. The 2.35.1 version of git now shows the number of stash entries with --show-stash like the normal output does. The color palette used by git grep has been updated to match that of GNU grep. The Mozilla Firefox 96.0.3 update fixed an issue that allowed unexpected data to be submitted in some of the search telemetry. Google’s data interchange format protobuf 3.19.4 fixed data loss bugs occurring when the number of optional fields in a message is an exact multiple of 32; this affected both Ruby and php in the package. Other packages to update in the snapshot were yast 4.4.43, python-fsspec 2022.1.0, suse-module-tools 16.0.19), and yast2-network 4.4.35, which transitioned to inclusive naming for asymmetric communication.

The IRC client hexchat was the single package updated in snapshot 20220131. The 2.16.0 version of hexchat updated the network list and included Libera.Chat as the default. The chat client also fixed miscellaneous parsing issues and added support for strikethrough formatting.

The 20220130 snapshot updated pipewire 0.3.44; this audio and video package changed some properties that make it possible to configure buffer sizes for larger than 8192, which is what JACK applications have as a hardcoded limit. The package also made it possible to run a minimal PipeWire server without a session manager, enough to run JACK clients. The default Ruby was switched to version 3.1. The version brings improved debugging performance, supports remote debugging and merges YJIT, which is a new in-process JIT compiler developed by Shopify. Salt 3004 arrived in the snapshot and offers new features. New modules for a transactional systems, like MicroOS, present challenges, yet salt 3004 supports atomicity-type systems via two new modules, transactional_update and rebootmgr, and a new executor transactional_update; the modules will help to treat the transactional system transparently. The glib2 2.70.3 update fixed a potential data loss due to missing fsync when saving files on btrfs. Other packages to update in the snapshot were snapper 0.9.1, libstorage-ng 4.4.78, bolt 0.9.2, freeipmi 1.6.9 and more.

Snapshot 20220128 also had an updated of libstorage-ng; the 4.4.77 version provided translations for the Brazilian Portuguese language. There was also another protobuf update that arrived at the beginning of the week; the 3.19.3 version improved parsing performance and aligned dependency handling best practices for building the package. Network and hardware utility package ethtool 5.16 added a couple new features like the use of memory maps for module EEPROM parsing and fixed a dumping of a FEC mode shown with --show-fec. The sendmail 8.17.1 package addressed several potential memory leaks and other similar problems that relate to error handling. PipeWire’s policy manager package wireplumber 0.4.7 fixed a regression that caused the selection of the default audio sources to be delayed and fixed a regression affecting the echo-cancellation pipewire module. Several YaST and RubyGem packages were also updated in the snapshot.

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