Audacity, Gear, GPG update in Tumbleweed

20. Oct 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Audacity, Gear, GPG update in Tumbleweed

Snapshots of openSUSE Tumbleweed rolled out consistently this week.

The rolling release put out a snapshot everyday since Oct. 12 and this week brought a few major version updates as well as an update of KDE’s Gear.

The latest snapshot 20221019 came out a few hours ago and updated the Common Internet File System and user-space tool cifs-utils 7.0. The update fixed some warnings that included a compiler warning as well as the package fixing some memory allocation. The Netscape Portable Runtime package mozilla-nspr updated to version 4.35, and it had fixes for building with clang compiler. The package also uses a number of online processors on certain platforms. Mozilla’s mozilla-nss updated to version 3.83. The Network Security Services package removed older unix support, added two DigitalSign root certificates and changed configuration settings behavior to skip configs with unsupported mandatory extensions instead of these failing; this was focused on Encrypted Client Hello extensions. A few other packages updated in the snapshot.

GNOME’s encryption interface Seahorse updated to major version 43 in snapshot 20221018. This package joined the several other GNOME 43 Guadalajara packages that are already in the rolling release. The package fixed warnings related to authorized keys, and it disabled key sharing over DNS Service Discovery by default. An update of gpg2 2.3.8 fixed a problem with Yubikey 5.4 firmware and fixed a regression in READKEY --format=ssh. An update of libsoup 3.2.1 fixed a minor memory leak and libxml2 2.10.3 fixed an integer overflow, which addressed CVE-2022-40303; this had no effect on OpenStack Cloud’s 8 and 9. And cfg80211, which is configuration Application Programming Interfaces for 802.11 devices in Linux, had some changes with the 6.0.2 kernel-source update. It fixed a Block Starting Symbol refcounting bug and avoids a non-transmitted BSS list corruption. A change was made with the nodejs18 18.11.0 update; it added an experimental watch mode. Running in watch mode using node, watch restarts the process when an imported file is changed. Several other packages updated including libzypp 17.31.4, libgcrypt 4.4.28, yast2-network 4.5.9 and more.

Two packages updated in snapshot 20221017. Podcasters using Tumbleweed will see the latest audio editing package update for audacity. The 3.2.1 countdown version fixes some bugs and has minor improvements. One of those fixed the crashing of the startup on some systems and a freeze when very quickly starting and stopping playback. The C Library for manipulating module metadata files, libmodulemd, updated to version 2.14.0 and it has new functions for stripping XMD from an index.

KDE users had their second consecutive update of Gear 22.08.2 in snapshot 20221016. Gear 22.08.2 updated several packages. File archiver Ark stopped killing extraction/compression jobs when dolphin quits. The itinerary package updated the current reservation identification of the event page when changing tickets and explicitly positioned the event ticket header fields. Multiple updates were made with Gear’s new kalendar version, like fixing the double-click to edit in the tasks view and implementing the use of standard keys for viewing navigation actions. Gear’s video editor Kdenlive made several changes including the timecode display, so it listens to the profile change and automatically adjusts frames per second. The package also fixed the pasting effect with keyframes that were partially broken. The lightweight C library for storing RDF data in memory, sord 0.16.14, fixed an issue that accidentally exposed internal zix symbols. The first stable release arrived with the gcr 4.0.0 major version update; not much info was provided in the changelog. Other updates in the snapshot were made to perl-HTML-Parser 3.79, perl-HTTP-Message 6.41, perl-JSON 4.10 and more.

Most of the KDE Gear 22.08.2 packages arrived in snapshot 20221015 and just a few other packages updated in the snapshot. The 4.5.46 version of libstorage-ng merged a change that allows it to work with other linux flavors. There were also updates to libzypp 17.31.3, yast2 4.5.17 and more.

Both 20221014 and 20221013 snapshots had multiple package updates. The update of ethtool 6.0, which is a utility for controlling network drivers and hardware, fixed advertisement modes autoselection. The 3D graphics package Mesa 22.2.1 implemented the Vulkan 1.3 API and fixed regressions with the open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 where nothing was being rendered. An update of yast2-bootloader 4.5.7 prevents the leak of grub2 password to the logs. The update of ImageMagick added a private API to go through a linked list without using semaphores, and it has the latest automake configuration.

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